Wednesday, January 07, 2009

We are having such a great time here in Sayulita, Robin and I have decided to stay for the rest of the month. This morning I walked into the village, just to have a look around, and discovered that it's bigger than I thought - several streets worth of village that somehow remind me of Carmel, California - but hotter and dustier, with more flies. It's a very friendly place, with a warm, safe feeling about it.

I came home, gathered up the laundry, and took it to the park's laundromat, which consists of two washing machines and lots of clothesline, all outdoors. I will take pictures of it, because it's really cool.

Later, Kris came to get me to say she had found the perfect blouse for me, so back I went to the village, this time clothes shopping. How much better could it be?

The only downside of today was that first Kris's (brand-new) bicycle and then TJ's (brand-new bicycle) broke. TJ's is being repaired by a fellow in the village, but Kris's is so bad, she will have to wait and have it repaired in Puerto Vallarta. Her whole gear mechanism fell apart. I haven't even attempted to ride my bike here. Riding over cobblestones just isn't my thing.

On foot, I found the fishmonger and bought half a kilo of prawns, with which I made a perfectly lovely curry, if I do say so myself. While we were eating, Kris came to the door and told us that the restaurant next door was building a bonfire and had put chairs out on the beach - so when we finished, we went over and spent a couple of hours chatting with TJ, Kris, the waiters, and a couple from Seattle who were enjoying their last evening here.

I'll cut this post short, as I seem to have enough bandwidth right now to push Submit and have it work.

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