Sunday, January 11, 2009

I feel as if my journal has developed a stammer. Here's yesterday's entry:

Saturday afternoon: I just got railroaded off the road (the park road in front of our rv) by a bunch of fat old men who regard the whole road - the whole park, apparently - as their private bocce court. I went out to try to practise some bocce, myself, and I tried hard to stay out of their way. I even went so far as to go around the corner at the bottom of the road, and they followed me down there. Maybe their game goes all the way around the park. I understand that they play every day at this time, but this time is really the best time for anybody to play. There is a breeze, so it's not too hot, but the sun is still up, so you can see to play. I didn't mean to rain on their parade. I finally gave up on trying to stay out of their way, told them "Never mind. I'll go play in Acapulco or something."

So. Apart from the fact that I'm irritated right now at living in the middle of an Old Boys' Club, what else has happened today? Not much. This morning, we walked to the end of the beach again. Somebody had rearranged my tower of rocks. I just set half a coconut shell down beside them. An egret was lurking nearby, waiting, I suppose, for some poor fish to wash up. The red flags were up on the beach, but there were no waves to speak of. There must have been an undertow alert. While we were walking back, though, the waves started increasing in size and intensity. I got wet up to my hips, just walking along the edge of the surf.

When we got home, I made Robin a bacon and egg sandwich, then settled down for some serious attempts to get online. After a while, when I had given up and decided to go looking for an internet cafe, suddenly I was online, and the connection was wonderful for about two hours. I posted yesterday's journal, and I made great strides toward getting caught up on my discussion boards. Then the signal disappeared again, and I haven't been able to get on since. This afternoon, after my siesta, I walked downtown to El Espresso, ordered a mocha, and turned my computer on. There is an unsecured (Linksys) system there. "Limited or no connectivity." This just isn't my day.

On the other hand, while I was connected this morning, I managed to download Rachel Maddow's and Keith Olbermann's shows, so I can watch them tonight. And I'm reading an interesting book - The Farewell Symphony by Edmund White.

And on yet another hand, there was a young, brown-haired woman at the coffee shop, asking to have her thermos filled with cappuccino. She looked as if she had been picked up in 1965 and dropped into the next century. She was wearing a deep maroon t-shirt and a grey denim skirt. Under the skirt, and hanging several inches below it, was a lacy petticoat of indeterminate colour, which was torn at the back so that a loop of it hung even farther below her skirt. She wore sandals and a backpack, and on her head she had a grey cloth hat with a bit of a brim. Over all, she wore a layer of dust that gave her a sad, bedraggled look - not that the torn petticoat needed any help in that regard. On her right ankle was tattooed a five-pointed star. The star was the only part of her that looked clean.

The star reminded me of a time when I had a window sill full of plants. I took excellent care of those plants. No matter how messy the rest of my house - or my life - might be, that window sill was there for me to return to when I needed calm. Maybe my young woman looks at her ankle from time to time, and is consoled.

This evening, Robin met a young man named Alan, who comes from Belfast. Alan has been fishing from the shore every morning, but he hasn't been catching anything - so Robin lent him the kayak, and he went out with his rod and reel. He brought back his first fish of his holiday. It's not big, but it's a fish, and he is very proud. He's going to borrow the kayak again in the morning, to see if he can catch The Big One.

Robin has done a lot more exploring of Sayulita than I have, because he goes out on his bike. I've been hesitant to do that, because the roads are either unpaved or cobblestoned. Dirt roads are okay, generally, but cobblestones are vicious. I don't want to break either my bicycle or my head. Still, Sayulita is beginning to lose its charm for me, so I had better go out tomorrow and expand my horizons.

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