Friday, January 16, 2009

An Awfully Big Adventure - that was the English name of the movie I rented the other day. It was still weird. Last night I rented The Bucket List, which I found quite charming. Tonight, TJ and Kris are coming to dinner. I've bought a kilo of prawns, peeled them and set them aside, and put together the curry sauce, so all I have to do is reheat the sauce, add the prawns, and cook the mixture for another five minutes. As soon as I see the whites of their eyes (TJ&K, not the prawns') I'll put some saffron rice on. I'm getting hungry. Can you tell?

Finally, today, Robin tempted me into the water. I hadn't been in since January 1, when I dunked myself in the sea at Mazatlan. I've waded, and I've inadvertently got wet up to the hips, but for some reason, I haven't been tempted to actually swim. So, today, I did - and it was great. The beach here slopes quite sharply (probably the main thing keeping me out of the water), and about the time you're knee-deep, there's a sharp drop-off. Fortunately, though, the bottom levels out after that, and it's easy to paddle around, body surf, or just bounce up and down in the waves. I did all three. It's a funny beach. There are virtually no shells, and I noticed today that there was no kelp. There are fish. I could tell by the pelicans all around me. At one point a pelican dove straight into the water not fifteen feet from me, followed by several gulls who were looking for scraps. I'm just glad that whatever fish they were after wasn't any closer to me, because I suspect the pelican wouldn't have cared. OUTTA MY WAY! I'M FISHING HERE! :>)

The swim actually came after our breakfast at the restaurant attached to our park. It was our first visit there. The atmosphere was lovely - we sat in the courtyard - and the food was okay. The waiter, a young Argentine man, was as cute as a bug. Once we had eaten, Robin took the kayak out onto the water and spent about an hour there. I watched from the shore and took some film, when I wasn't reading my book. When he finished paddling, he suggested the swim. I can tell he's getting more exercise than I am, because he seems to have a lot more energy.

The rest of my day - until dinner shopping time - I spent out here on the patio, enjoying the shade and the cool sea breeze, reading, internetting, considering a nap.

Now, about that rice....

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