Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last night's dinner was excellent. After dinner, we played cards (99). I beat everybody. After we came home, I sat out here (just outside the RV) reading the internet until about 11 p.m., getting much bitten by something, in the process. Addiction is a terrible thing.

This morning, I was too involved in my book to get very ambitious. Robin went out cycling in the morning, though, so at least one of us got some exercise.

TJ and Kris dropped by, early in the day, to say good-bye (well, hasta la vista - we'll see them tomorrow). Then Wade and Colleen stopped in, just for a few minutes. I think Colleen had to go home and calm down after her visit. She was sitting in a chair under a palm tree, chatting. Suddenly there was a crashing
sound. She bolted from her chair and cleared away from the tree. She thought a coconut was falling. We looked up into the tree and saw an iguana scuttling across the branches. Soon after, we saw a second, larger iguana heading in the same direction. I think Colleen's heart was still racing when she and Wade left.

In the afternoon, we smelled smoke, and soon we had to close all the windows and turn on the air conditioning. The man who owns a lot on the corner apparently burns things on that lot fairly frequently, but today he appears to have set fire to the whole thing. I sat at the kitchen table and watched billowing clouds of smoke roll past. I couldn't see beyond the back gate, much less across the road. At last I had an excuse for my laziness!

After a while, though, the smoke cleared. Robin went for a walk on the beach. I gathered up the camera and followed him, but by the time I got to the beach, he had disappeared. I left my sandals hooked over his bike's handlebars, so he would know I was on the beach, and I headed toward Colleen and Wade's, figuring that was where he had gone. Wrong. When I got to their place, I knocked on the door, but nobody answered, so I turned around and walked back up the beach. I found my sandals wedged into crevices in the cement fence. Robin's bike was gone. It turned out that he had gone the opposite way on the beach, and had gone quite a long way. So he's spent the evening recovering. I notice he's rather sunburned, so it's just as well we will be on the road tomorrow.

I've heard from Kristin. She and TJ went all the way to La Placita, south of Manzanillo - and they found a lovely place to stay - so that's where we'll be heading.

Photos courtesy of Kristin Ames

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