Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'm staring at the coffee mugs hanging from their hooks. They'll have to be put away now, ready for the morning. It's funny how quickly you spread out - or at least, I do. Even after two weeks here in Mazatlan, it feels to me as if tomorrow were really "moving day", not just the day we move on.

Robin is poring over maps and the ever-useful Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping. We aren't sure how far we'll drive tomorrow. San Blas would be a logical stopping place in terms of distance and time - but both the book and scuttlebutt declare it to be infested with mosquitoes, sand fleas, and no-see-ems. To me, it just doesn't sound like a great spot to camp. Something a bit inland, maybe? I don't think we want to drive all the way to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow, so we will have to figure out a stopping point, but I'd sooner it wasn't San Blas.

Today was just another day in paradise - at least, as long as we were on the beach. The waves are still high, and it never did get really hot, so for me it was ideal. I did have to take the bus to the supermarket for a few things, but that didn't take long. While I was there, I sat and had a cup of coffee and a croissant. Of course, I had left my book inside my backpack. You have to check things like backpacks when you go into a Mexican supermarket. I had had it in my head that I would sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while I read my new Michael Ondaatje book. It wasn't until the young man was pouring my coffee that I saw the flaw in my plan. ;>) So I sat and sipped and munched and watched people, instead. Then, my booklessness reminded me that Robin wanted to buy a new road atlas he had read about - so I picked that up and put it in the cart. I forgot to buy eggs, but that was just as well, because what I had bought filled my backpack. With only my backpack, I was able to go across the road and take the bus that pulled up just in time, rather than taking yet another taxi. Later, I cycled up to the local market and bought the eggs. I needed the exercise, anyway.

Good night. If I disappear for a few days, that just means I'm, god forbid, Not Connected. I'll be back just as soon as I can!

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