Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hey, a same-day post! My intended bike ride didn't come off, I'm afraid. Kris came over this morning to say that she was going to prepare me an onion bagel with herbed cream cheese and sliced tomato. Oh, my.

Then Alan showed up, ready to brave the sea in Robin's kayak - and I was appointed cinematographer-in-chief. I would have done Oscar-worthy work, I would, if the camera's battery hadn't run out just at the crucial moment, when the kayak was standing upright in the surf and Alan was tumbling away from it. He should probably have chosen a different day (and likely will) to make this attempt.

When I walked up to the 3 foot high cement wall at the edge of the beach, I was stunned to see the waves. They were really, really close. I could see that they had come up to within about twelve feet of the wall during the night, and when I got there, they were maybe twice that far away. Alan decided to try anyway. Robin helped him get the kayak to the edge of the surf and, when he got dumped the first time, a young man came along to help him get over the first few breakers. I was filming happily during this part of the adventure - and then the kayak turned on end, tossing Alan out into the surf and coming in without him. Alan did come in safely, although he swallowed rather a lot of water. I was very pleased with my work until I tried to actually show the film. It stopped just before the climax. Alan suggests that the next time he tries, we pick up from that point and just show his sailing in triumph over the last breaker. Uh-huh.

While I was 'working', Kris came along and watched. After that we came back here so I could enjoy my treat, which was just that. I shared it with Robin, which was very virtuous of me.

Then Robin and TJ went for a bike ride, and by the time they got back, it was really too warm for me to go out, so I stayed here and read. I also listened to yesterday's installment of "The Vinyl Cafe", which made me semi-hysterical and thus not up to being out in public.

And I finally got caught up on my discussion boards.

Finally, at 3 o'clock, I went for a walk. Robin had heard that there was a Pollo Feliz or something in town where we could buy a roasted chicken, so I scoured the town. I found an open-air restaurant over near the bridge where a woman is barbecuing chicken pieces and serving them with rice and salad, but that was as close as I came. I think we should get a pizza from Ron's tonight - or I could get take-out chicken with salad and rice. When Robin shows up again, I'll find out what he wants. His bike is gone, so I guess he's off on another adventure.

By the way, here's a picture of Robin taken by the bonfire the other night. Kris has some great photos on her blog. You should check it out - the link is right over there--->

Oh, and I found a spa where Kris and I may go to get a pedicure. It turns out to be run by a friend of someone I know. Small world.

Photo courtesy of Kristin Ames

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