Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm sitting at an outdoor cafe called Choco-Banana, using the best internet connection I've seen in months. I've got BARS. I've also got an absolutely beautiful mocha. It arrived in a wide-mouthed, bright orange mug. The mocha itself is topped with foam and a very pretty chocolate herringbone design. I'm sitting at the outer edge of the roofed area, which is floored with terra cotta tiles. Overhead fans are keeping the area fly-free. Beyond me there is a brick counter with stools on its outer side. Several people are sitting out there, drinking hot coffee and iced coffee, and beyond them is a little alley paved with wavy bricks. All along the alley, vendors have set up shop to sell beaded jewelry. I checked to see that that was the only thing on offer. Yes. No silver, no clothing, just beaded jewelry. Odd.

I came in here because I could see two women sitting at tables up against the inner wall, both working at computers. One of them has a great connection, the other one not so much. I took a table next to the happy one. No flies on me (literally or figuratively).

We were supposed to be going over to the next bay today - again - so that Robin and TJ could snorkel. Kristin said she might snorkel as well - but here it is, after 4 o'clock, and we still haven't gone. The tide is low now, so there's no sense in going before tomorrow. Robin was looking for Alan earlier today, thinking he might want to take the kayak over there. The sea was actually quite calm today - but Alan was nowhere to be found. It turned out he had been on a fishing boat somewhere.

So I did some laundry today, and I read a lot. Now, I'm on my evening grocery quest. Having found Choco-Banana, I may just make this my daily journalling spot.

I would love to regale you with tales of my day's exciting activities, but as you can see, it's been a day of rest, for the most part - except for the laundry, and oh, except that Kristin gave me her bottle of O.P.I. nail polish called "My Chihuahua Bites!" which is a lovely coral colour, and I promptly painted my toenails. Do I lead a life of high adventure, or what?

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