Thursday, January 01, 2009

After yesterday's marathon, we decided to take it easy today. Robin cycled up the road in the morning to see how the draining of the lagoon was coming along, and after a while I followed him on my bike. We watched a shore bird fishing at the water's edge. Robin kept saying he could see some little fish, but that the bird was looking the wrong way. He restrained himself from going out to the water and actually pointing out the fish, but I could see he was tempted. The bird managed to get its breakfast anyway.

When we'd had our fill of bird and fishwatching, we got back on our bikes and went to the Loony Bean for a cup of coffee. We shared an excellent banana/nut muffin, as well. Robin went back to the lagoon, and I stayed a while longer, reading a magazine about interior decorating in the northwest, before I cycled back home.

Later in the day, I walked down the beach - but in the opposite direction from our morning treks. I went down to where the para-sailors (Is that the right term?) take off and land, then walked home again.

Shortly after that, Colleen and Wade - whom we met in San Carlos - arrived at the door. They were heading to the beach with their friend Rex, and invited us to join them. A while later, TJ and Kris came home - they had had to go grocery shopping, what with having no food left in the house - and soon there was a party on the beach.

I put my bathing suit on, joined the party for a little while, then went to the water to cool off. The water was a little cooler than I like it, but not bad. I waded out up to my knees, and I was going to leave it at that - when suddenly it occurred to me that it was the first of January, and this was my chance to join the Polar Bear Club. I could form my own branch - the Polar Bear Club of Mazatlan. Yes! So I went right into the water, brave and stalwart soul that I am.

After that, I had had enough sun and socializing for one day, so I retired. I may be brave and stalwart, but I'm no fun at all.

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