Friday, January 30, 2009

Villas los Arcos
Zihuatanejo, Guerrero

Oh, if you could see me now! We escaped Playa Azul as soon as we could, this morning, and headed into Lazaro Cardenas, which is only a few kilometers away. TJ and Kris needed groceries and propane, and Robin wanted to get a new fan belt, just in case, and some cash. Shortly after we got into town, I saw a sign directing us to Soriana, so that's where we went to do our grocery shopping. The bank machines there were less than helpful, but I did what little shopping I had to do, and so did Kristin. Meanwhile, the men went looking for a propane depot. They flagged a cab driver, told him what they wanted, and gave him some money, and he led them to the depot. They sent him on his way and tried to buy the propane, but it turned out that the depot didn't have a nozzle that they could use to fill TJ's tank. Robin was getting slightly panicky about the money situation, so rather than go any farther, they came back to Soriana. I got out my Canadian cell phone and phoned our bank. They assured us that Robin's account was fine, that there was as much money as he thought. Moral: Pay no attention to what the Mexican bank machines tell you. You are not overdrawn.

Robin's blood pressure came down pretty rapidly after that, and we all got back on the road to come to Zihuatanejo. We were reading the Mexican Camping book as we went along. The instructions for finding the RV parks here were pretty daunting, but somehow, we found them. The one Robin and I had intended to stay in was full, but the one across the street had room - for one vehicle, not two. Meanwhile, TJ and Kris had talked to the people up the street, who turned out to have room for all of us. There's a three-storey house with a ramada on top of that. Adjacent to it is the swimming pool, next to which I'm sitting now. On the other side of the wall is the RV area. I think there are five RVs in right now, which almost fills the place.

When we got here, there was neither power nor water, but it had nothing to do with the park. The whole area was out - so we just parked, donned our swim suits, and headed for the pool, where we stayed until somebody came out and said "Power's on." Then Robin went back to the RV and turned the air conditioning on, so that when I go in to cook supper, I won't faint.

TJ and Kris are planning to go on to Acapulco tomorrow, so that they're situated in time for the Super Bowl on Sunday, but we're hoping they'll decide to stay here, instead. There are restaurants here where we could watch the game, and this little park is gorgeous.


Kathryn Magendie said...

I wasn't sure which blog to comment on, so I picked this one with the latest entry *smiling*

Oh to take adventures!

Sandra Leigh said...

Well, Kathryn, there has to be an upside to getting old. The freedom to travel is it. We're having a wonderful time.

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