Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm just popping in to report that The Turtle is 47 days away from her next voyage, this one to the east coast of the Sea of Cortez. I'm not sure which I am more - excited about the trip or frantic to save enough money.

Monday, August 29, 2005

This is the online home of my travel journal, whose full title is "The Amazing Voyages of the Good Land Yacht Turtle". The photos above show the dining/games area and the entrance to the Turtle, just so you'll know where the entries are being written.

At this point, both R and I are still working - but we travel as often as we can, and we hope that eventually our holidays will meet in the middle, and then we'll be officially retired.

We generally don't take a television along on our travels, because we find that it dominates our evenings, weak as we are. Instead, we play games, read, write, talk, work crossword puzzles, knit, walk, cycle, swim, snorkle, and listen to music. We get up early and retire early - really early if we aren't camping at a park with full hookup. We use as little electricity as possible when we're dry camping, which usually means going to bed with the sun. One of the best parts of camping, for me, is waking up, making tea, and taking a cup outside to sit and watch the sun rise. One morning in Mexico, I put the Brahms Violin Concerto on, and it became my official Sunrise Music.