Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy birthday to Robin.

He decided this morning to take the kayak out. In our two weeks here, the only people that had kayaked were TJ and Kris. So out he went. I stayed here to have my breakfast and a shower.

When Robin returned, he was wet. It seems that getting out through the surf was no problem, but getting back was another matter. He got dumped.

The two of us then got on our bikes and headed up to the Looney Bean for coffee, after which R went to check on the lagoon while I came home to make breakfast for him.

After breakfast, we caught a bus to go to Wal-Mart, but it turned out we had to get off at the DQ and catch another bus, which was easier said than done. In the end, we caught a cab (one of the golf cart types), and it was only 40 pesos from there to Wal-Mart. I think that a similar cab ride in Nanaimo would have been worth about $20.

At Wal-Mart, I bought the folding canvas chair I've been looking for. We have two of them at home, but they're not doing us any good here. Robin doesn't care for them, anyway, so we just bought one. Robin found a supply of British Bovril, which he regards as his birthday present.

We cabbed home. I ate lunch, played on the computer for a while, then caught yet another bus to go have my hair cut. We're ready to leave, and all of a sudden we're learning All About Mazatlan.

Robin has a prescription for sleeping pills to tackle occasional bouts of insomnia, so while I was in town I took the prescription into a drugstore that advertised itself as English speaking. Sure enough, the pharmacist spoke excellent English. He told me that yes, he carried the medicine I wanted, and it was 900 pesos ($90) for 30 tablets - about three times what it costs in Canada. Since R still has some pills left, I said no, thank you. I'm glad it wasn't something he needed right away.

Home again, we watched the sunset and had dinner, after which TJ and Kris joined us for Birthday Movie Night in Mazatlan - We watched "Breaker Morant", Robin's favourite movie.

And speaking of sunsets, that's Kris's photo on the right. The lovers silhouetted against the sunset are Colleen and Wade. Great shot. And that reminds me - I've belatedly put some of Kris's pictures in the "El Quelite" post.

We are scheduled to leave here tomorrow morning, but TJ wants to stay in town until Monday, because there's a football game (or two?) he wants to watch this weekend, and friends of his here in Mazatlan are planning to watch it. So - we may be leaving tomorrow, or we may wait for TJ and Kris. (Report to follow in the morning)

Sorry, folks, for this disjointed post. I'll try to be more coherent tomorrow. It's been a long day.

Photo courtesy of Kristin Ames

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