Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oops. I left my posting too late yesterday. Not that I was terribly busy. Robin and I walked downtown, where I rented a movie "Una Insolvita Aventura" - I think it's called "A Very Big Adventure" in English.

We went to Choco-Banana, but I didn't have my laptop along, so I couldn't take advantage. Robin ordered a latte, which he said was good. I saw something called a Chococcino- I thought it would be like a mocha, but more chocolatey, so I ordered it (without saying something intelligent like "So what is a Chococcino, anyway?"). It turned out to be an iced drink containing chocolate and, presumably, coffee, and maybe vanilla ice cream. I'm not sure. It was good, but I think I used all my calories for the month.

Then we went to the grocery store and bought a few things we needed for dinner (we had mahi-mahi in the freezer, so we just needed vegetables).

After dinner, Robin went down to the shore and got talking to somebody about starwatching. I gave up on him, eventually, and started watching the movie. It was just as well. Not his kind of movie at all. I'm not sure it was mine, either. It had Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant in it, so it should have been good, but it was just weird and unsettling. I'm going to go back today and see whether "Love Actually" has come back in. I could do with a feel-good movie right now.

This morning, Alan came by to say good-bye. He is heading back to Ireland today. I think I heard him say he caught about five fish yesterday. He must be very pleased.

Meanwhile, Kristin went downtown and bought 17 little bobblehead toys to send back to her son and all his classmates. She is going to be the most popular mom at the school.

There we go. All the news, except that it's five days (and counting) to the U.S. inauguration. I think I'll organize a party. I wonder where I can buy some fireworks. ;>)

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