Monday, January 12, 2009

So. Pizza Ron it was, because I could not find a whole roasted chicken in Sayulita. A large pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives came to 110 pesos - delivered - which I thought was really good, especially since the pizza was very good - nice thin crust, just the way I like it.

It's funny the way prices are here. Some things are really cheap, like the pizza, and like our bus fare into Puerto Vallarta today - 20 pesos each. It's an hour's ride from here to downtown Vallarta. We thought we would do a little wandering around, but we found ourselves in a jungle of all-inclusive resorts, so we got a taxi back to the mall (50 pesos). I think I'll go in on my own one of these days, and go all the way to Playa de los Muertos, where I stayed on holiday twenty-something years ago, to see if I can recognize the hotel. What I saw of the city today was completely unfamiliar.

Prices. I was talking about things being cheap - but K had a couple of prescriptions that needed to be filled at Wal-Mart. They didn't carry one of the medicines, but they did have the other. It cost $225 - that's dollars, not pesos. In the U.S. it costs her $4. I'm thinking there must be a drug plan involved, but still. Having tried to get R's prescription filled at a local pharmacy - at three times the Canadian price - I'm wondering why people are always talking about coming to Mexico to have their prescriptions filled.

The trip to Vallarta pretty well took up the day. We just arrived home - with a roasted chicken and some Gouda cheese, plus my croissant supply. I'm resting my feet, and Robin has gone off to make sure the beach is still there. I'm hoping he'll find out what tonight's movie is, and if it's something good, we can walk down the beach after dinner, to the outdoor cinema.

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