Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I went out and paid my bills ahead today, so that I don't have to worry about remembering to do it when it's 25 degrees outside and the sun is shining and the dolphins are swimming by as I sit basking at the estuary. Sigh.

I also went to Best Buy and bought my first memory stick - a 4 gig model about the size of a lipstick. I copied several stories from the Documents folder of my old laptop to the stick. When I want to print something, I can just plug the stick into Robin's laptop and print, as his laptop will be the one connected to the printer. Am I mistaken, or is there more memory in the stick than in the computer itself? I'll have to look that up. The 2 gig was $10, and the 4 gig was $12, so I threw economy to the wind and bought the 4. I think I could put a whole book on it. My little purse /computer case is getting full.

In between excursions, we started packing the Turtle in earnest. This is not my favourite part. Less playing house, more slogging.

But the very best thing is that YouTube now allows me to put a video bar in my blog . Very cool. I've tested it by putting up a few clips we took in Cornwall last year, but when we get underway on this trip, I'll start a new playlist called The Turtle and post our videos from the Mexican adventure there. It's over there------------------> and down a bit. You can't miss it. It seems to wander off my channel, then come back after a minute or so. When I have more videos to show, maybe it will stay with me.

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