Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm glad I bought that beer yesterday, even though it was heavy to carry home. I've decided that a nice bottle of beer is just the thing to drink while I'm updating my journal.

The Yahoo weather panel said that Guaymas would have a high of 22C today. The thermometer on the outside of the rv reads 28, now that Victor has stopped splashing cold water on it, but it's in direct sunlight. The 22C prediction is probably spot on.

Victor showed up around 9:30 this morning (I set up the appointment when we checked in) and started hauling buckets of water up to the roof. He took an hour off for lunch, but otherwise he's been at it all day, scrubbing and rinsing and, now, waxing. Victor does a splendid job. I keep him supplied with coffee, which he drinks as he works. He won't sit down. I gather he would be in trouble with park management if he did.

A little while ago, I walked up the street to the bank (about twice as far as the grocery store – so I'm doing okay) to change my 1000 peso note. Not many vendors in these parts can handle a 1000 peso note, but when you buy pesos in Canada, you always seem to end up with them. I took care of that, then stopped outside the bank because Alejandro was there with his truck. I had met Alejandro before. We've bought vegetables and fruit from him in years past, always over at Condominios Pilar, the development right next to the lagoon. I was pleased to see him in town, and I bought some prawns from him. They were frozen, so I figured I could get them home safely, even on foot. Before I made the purchase, though, he and I had a long and pleasant chat. He told me I need to speak Spanish more often. I agree. We did most of our talking in Spanish, but sometimes I just couldn't manage, and he came to my rescue. I need to be stranded in a totally Spanish-speaking environment for a month or so.

By the way, I discovered yesterday that I could make a personalized Google map and mark our route on it, so I did that. It's at the top of my Links list over on the right.

I did plan to take the bus into town today, to visit the market, but that's because I had forgotten about Victor's coming. Tomorrow is the day that Maria teaches her Spanish class, so I'll stay home for the morning in order to see her. I'll go into town either tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning, in search of Brendan's molcajete – and to visit my favourite lady at the market - oh, and to have fish tacos at the little place next to the tortilleria. Hmmm. A trip to town is sounding better and better.

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