Thursday, December 18, 2008

Proud of myself!

I went into Guaymas today - just as far as Ley. Maria told me that the best place to buy a cell phone was at a little Telcel shop across from the Ley mall, so that's where I went. I bought a cell phone and some minutes (not enough, I fear. It sounds as if using the cell phone will be an expensive proposition, though not as expensive as using my Canadian phone here. Time will tell.)

Phone safely tucked in purse, I walked to the mall and down the hall to Keops, where I ordered a mocha and sat in a comfortable chair while I drank the mocha and programmed some numbers into the phone. The cafe has been redecorated since last year, and it's quite attractive.

After that, I did some window shopping, then went into Ley, where I bought a blouse and some groceries, chatting with several customers along the way. I caught the bus home, about 2 1/2 or 3 hours after I set out, and I hadn't spoken a word of English in the interim. I imagine that some of the Spanish I spoke was pretty comical, but I seldom resorted to sign language. I'm very pleased with that.

First thing this morning, I went over to Jeane and Charles's place for coffee and a chat. They'll be coming here for tea tomorrow. Jeane has been experimenting with new painting techniques this year, branching out into acrylics.

I was able to attend Maria's cooking class again - for a refresher course on salsas. She keeps introducing me to the new students as an expert, which is just hilarious. I keep going to the classes just because it's a chance to talk to Maria!

More good news: It seems that quite possibly we've got ourselves a convoy. Our neighbours to the left (Wade and Colleen) and to the right (T.J. and Kris) are pondering the idea of joining us on our trip south. I hope they decide to do that.

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