Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Second Post of the Day!

This has turned into a real hang-around-the-house sort of day. It's been raining, off and on - never the way it rains in B.C. (torrentially), but hard enough to make a long walk on the beach less than attractive. I've been watching television, scrubbing the floor with as little water as possible, and waiting for the park's water to be turned on. The city turned the water off yesterday morning, and they were supposed to turn it on again at noon today. Hmmm. 4:15 p.m. and counting. We made sure our tank was full beforehand, and we bought an extra 5-gallon jug of drinking water, so we're good for a couple of days, if need be. I would like to see the water turned back on, though, so that I can relax. Robin has to shower on board now, as the park's showers are not working. I'm glad he installed the hand-held shower. It's proving its worth now.

This morning, before the rain, we did ride our bikes to the lagoon. We took our usual route, because it had dried out and was much more comfortable (R rode over there yesterday with Wade). This time, as we arrived at the beach, Robin's handlebars came loose. Of course, we hadn't got around to buying an Allen key yet. Fortunately, R remembered that there were some Canadians boondocking not far up the road, and he was able to ride that far. Sure enough, being boondockers, they had a full supply of tools, including an Allen key, so they tightened his handlebars and we went on our way. Robin rode up the street to the marina a while ago. I must ask him whether he bought an Allen key along the way.

Aha! Robin just came in to say that the water has been restored. First job: Fill the tank back up. You never know.

Dick and Mary, who were in the spot behind ours for the last couple of days, have headed south. Before they left, they gave us some tips respecting places to stay around Puerto Vallarta. I hope we meet them again.

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