Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm writing to the sound of very loud music from the place next door. I'm half tempted to go look over the wall, to see whether there's a dance going on. The place is called D.I.F. It's run by the government, and seems to be a huge social services agency. Among other services, I believe D.I.F. brings people from all over the country for a holiday here - or that's what somebody told me two years ago. They have lots of parties on weekends, and since this is essentially New Year's weekend, I expect it will be pretty lively over there. I don't know how I would cope if D.I.F. weren't there. Whenever we catch a taxi, I ask the driver "Do you know where Mar-a-Villas RV Park is?" and he looks puzzled. "Cerritos beach? In the north end?" Nothing. "Near D.I.F." Oh, of course. Near D.I.F. - and we get home with no further difficulty. I suppose I could write the park's address down, but where's the fun in that?

Our walk to the wall this morning was strenuous. We were a little earlier than usual, and the tide was still quite high - so we had to walk on a hillside, and the sand was less firm than we're used to. By the time we got to the cafe, I was more than ready to sit down for a while. Yesterday we had coffee at Loony Bean, where they roast the beans right there on the spot, and I know the coffee should be better, but somehow I prefer the coffee at Mr. Lionso's Playa Bruja, though I like the cups at Loony Bean. (There. I finally got smart and googled the cafe's name!)

We went to Soriana (supermarket) a while ago, and when we got back, the barber who cut Robin's hair two years ago was wandering around the park, so Robin got a haircut out on the patio. He likes this barber. Short cut. No problem. I went over to Kris's and found her engrossed in her computer. She had discovered something called, where she can make free online scrapbooks. We may never see her again.

Just in case, here's a picture to remember her by. That's TJ with her, in his new hat.

I'm going to check out that scrapbooking site myself, because I don't spend enough hours at the computer already! I don't hold out much hope for my performance as a scrapbooker, but it looks like fun.

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