Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sutherlin, Oregon

We stopped here last year, when we had to go around all the mountains and down the coast due to snow. This time, we drove down from Port Townsend - eight hours - in dry weather. From the beginning of the drive, we could see sunny sky in the distance, and by the afternoon, we were lowering the visors and holding our hands up to protect our eyes from the blinding sun. I've checked the highway conditions at Grants Pass and the Siskyou, and all appears clear up ahead - barring a sudden change of weather overnight. Oh, well, if that should happen, at least we're on the right road to connect to Hwy. 101 again. I think we'll be okay, though. It's December - not January, like last time.

Our visit with AM and AS was great fun. They kindly took us out to dinner last night. Then, ingrate that I am, I beat them at UpWords (just so it's on the record). This morning, While Robin slept in, they served me eggs, grits, toast, and fruit salad. I'm thoroughly spoiled.

I'm also thoroughly beat. Good night, all.

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