Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm late. I'm late. Today got away from me.

Robin and I walked up to Mr. Lionso's, where Robin surprised me by ordering breakfast. What's happening here? Anyway, I made a point of telling the waiter that my husband wanted his poached eggs On Toast, and he appeared to understand. I ordered an omelette. When R's meal arrived, sure enough, his eggs were On Toast, and there was ham on his plate. He was very pleased. I was less than pleased with the fact that I got dry toast instead of tortillas with my omelette, but I hadn't specified, just assumed, and we all know....

R was halfway through his breakfast when I noticed something peculiar about his poached eggs. "Those eggs aren't poached, are they?" "No. Fried." Ah, well. Baby steps.

The plan was that we would all take a cab to a launderette and from there to Mega. Kris and TJ were busy with something else until nearly 2 o'clock this afternoon, and by then R had decided he would prefer not to go out, so the three of us went while Robin stayed home and played on the internets.

I walked out to the road and flagged down one of the open taxis with two benches in the back, so that we could slide all our laundry in. Once we were all on board, we rode to the Zona Dorada (the touristy area downtown), and our driver let us off in front of a laundry. TJ walked half a block and found another laundry that could have our clothes ready by 6 o'clock this evening, rather than tomorrow morning, so we lugged the clothes up there and left them.

TJ had been having a terrible time with his new cell phone, so he went off in search of someone to yell at, and Kristin and I went window shopping. We walked and walked and walked, finally realizing that we were a long way from the "right around here" where we had agreed to stay - so we walked back. We found TJ right across the street from where we had left him. He had seen a sign there advertising cell phones, so had gone in and had his problem solved lickety-split without having to yell at anybody. The place he went was also an internet cafe and a salon and a spa, so he had his hair cut while he was about it. There was a woman from Vancouver there, talking on the phone, and they struck up a conversation. It turned out that they have mutual friends, and she was supposed to be getting in touch with TJ while she was down here. She had his phone number, but hadn't gotten around to calling him yet.

When Kristin and I showed up, TJ told us of his adventure, and we all went to a local bar for a beer. Then we went back to the shop (Christine's), where Kristin and I had our eyebrows shaped. She made an appointment for tomorrow morning to have her hair highlighted, and I made one for Friday to have my hair cut. I find it a little strange that I've come all the way to Mexico to have my hair cut by an Englishwoman, but I'm eager to ask her how she comes to be here.

We still had time before the laundry would be finished, so we went to a restaurant on the beach, where we had tortilla soup and shrimp ceviche and guacamole and chips. From there it was less than a block to the laundry. We picked up our clothes, caught a bus that happened to be going by, and came home in the dark.

So now, TJ and Kris have gone to meet the woman from the salon for drinks, and Robin and I have settled in for the night. My feet hurt.

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