Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh, joy. I discovered last night that Stuart McLean's "Vinyl Cafe" is available as a podcast, so I spent part of the evening listening to his Christmas show. It even included a Dave and Morley story that left me simultaneously crying and laughing. The man is a Canadian treasure. I've now subscribed to the podcast, and I hope that every Saturday's show will appear in my i-Tunes.

High wind and rough water greeted us on our walk this morning. There was a surfing competition going on at the top of the beach, where a red flag warned of danger out there, and the sea was giving the surfers plenty of challenge. We walked to Mr. Lionso's as usual, but today I wanted to hang around and watch the surfers - and besides, I hadn't had a restaurant meal since we got here - so I told the waiter I wanted something on the small side - not a huge breakfast. He assured me that the #1 breakfast was suitably small. I ordered the scrambled eggs with chorizo. When he saw that I was ordering breakfast, R asked for the #1 as well, but he wanted poached eggs on toast with ham. (Jam, really. That's what it says on the menu. I trusted they meant ham.) We both asked for our usual coffee.

Meanwhile, the big, round table beside us filled and filled. After a while, the growing group of boaters pulled yet another table up against the round one, and their group continued to grow. There was a great scurrying of staff, taking of orders, arrival of coffee and fruit juice (for us, too).

When we had almost given up hope, our meal arrived. Mine consisted of scrambled eggs with chorizo, frijoles, guacamole, an orange slice, and a couple of curls of bacon that seemed to serve as part of the garnish - and there was a basket of warm tortillas. It was all very tasty. Robin's breakfast consisted of poached eggs, but without toast, and without ham (or jam, for that matter) - but it did have the rest of the trimmings. I think there was some sort of salsa on top of his eggs. I told him that he should order something that a Mexican person could conceive of as Food, and then he'd have better luck. I gave him a taste of my scrambled egg with chorizo. He took 1/4 teaspoon of it, declared it "very Mexican". I am doomed to eat breakfast at home forever. ;>) It was fun, though, to watch the surfers.

The rest of the day has been very Sundayish. R and TJ have been sitting on the patio, chatting, for hours. Kristin came over and talked to me for a while, then went home for a siesta. I tried to have one as well, but before I lay down I started reading my discussion boards - then reading my Poem of the Day that turned into Four Poems of the Day. One of my online friends recommended this site: and I've become quite addicted to it. After that, I got involved in an online discussion of pastries, so by the time I finally lay down, I only lasted a few minutes before I had to get up and eat a croissant with a cup of tea.

By the way, this is what I wrote in my pastry post: "Speaking of things heavenly, here in Mazatlan I've found that the bakeries are full to bursting with croissants. It's not like there's a shelf full of them - they're everywhere. One of the supermarkets even has some pain au chocolat, but mostly regular croissants. Soriana, where I was yesterday, has a big self-service area with trays and tongs, and it's full of almost nothing but croissants, hundreds of them. "Take me. I'm yours!" I said, and put half a dozen on my tray."

I suppose I should go for a bike ride now, to work off that croissant. Sure was good.

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