Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yesterday afternoon, when I would ordinarily have been sitting here, posting to my journal, I was at Ley, the supermarket at the edge of Guaymas. That was the last part of our outing. I decided it was high time that Robin visited downtown Guaymas and checked out the public market. We caught the bus - somehow we got the one with too many seats in it, and I slipped into a seat that had a hump under it. The upshot of that was that I rode into Guaymas with my knees right up against the metal back of the seat in front of mine. Ordinarily, I enjoy that careening trip, but this time all I could think about was what would happen to my knees if we were involved in an accident. However, we made it safely downtown. We went past the market to the Plaza of Three Presidents, and walked back from there via the Kiosko, the public square where hundreds of families were lined up to get a chance to talk to Santa Claus. The whole area around the Plaza was ripped up. Guaymas has started welcoming cruise ships, so the city is in a decorating frenzy. They are cleaning up the streets, planting flowers, generally getting spruced up. I'm sure it will be lovely when it's finished, but right now there's a sort of bomb crater look to the place.

We picked our way back to the market, where I bought Brendan's molcajete and then made my way to my favourite vendor. She was as sweet as ever, and I enjoyed talking to her for a couple of minutes. She teased Robin, telling him he was very serious. She was right. I was so pleased to be there, I hadn't noticed that Robin was not.impressed. I guess the market is a girl thing.

So we went to the bus stop where I always catch the bus back to San Carlos, and we sat there for about ten minutes. At that point, I began to suspect that the buses had changed their route since last year. Not a single bus came to the stop, although many buses passed going the other way, and we saw a San Carlos bus on a cross street. Accordingly, we flagged a taxi and rode to Ley.

I had planned to look for a cell phone, but there were several competing vendors and hundreds of options, so I decided to wait until I can ask advice of Silvano (in the Totonaka office) or Maria as to which would be the best way to proceed. I'll talk to Silvano today.

After we shopped, we went outside and saw the San Carlos bus pulling up to the bus stop - so we took off at a run, caught the bus, and rode home. It was the same bus we had taken to go to town. We sat on the bench seat at the back of the bus. It provided more leg room. Of course, it also made for a very bumpy ride.

What can I say? We were tired last night.

Now we are making plans for the next leg of our trip. We will leave Saturday for Puerto Vallarta via Mazatlan. If I remember correctly, we stopped for the night on the way to Mazatlan. I'll have to go through my journal from that year, to remind myself where we stayed.

At this point, I think we're going to be retreating from cold weather. There's a major storm warning out for southern Arizona, and that's bound to affect this area as well.

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