Sunday, November 30, 2008

I´ve still got my cold, and it´s bringing back memories of last year´s trip, when I really shouldn't have been traveling. This time, I'm not leaving until I feel well, period. That makes for much more efficient packing - and a more enjoyable journey. At least I don't have a fever this time.

Today I cleaned out the Turtle's medicine cabinet and the bathroom (linen) cupboard. Robin has installed a hand-held shower for me, which should save a lot of water. I spent a couple of minutes admiring that. I also made a foray into the dish cupboard. I see that several plates have wandered into the house, so tomorrow I'll make a more thorough inventory to make sure we take enough dishes. We've packed an enormous amount of curry powder and garam masala, so I guess our Indian food supply is a done deal.

My new laptop is so compact, I'm able to carry it in a soft purse, along with its accessories, and store it in the "electronic paraphernalia" cupboard. I went through the huge tangle of wires in there, and found that with a little judicious tossing, I could make the cupboard almost neat. I can get rid of the webcam, as I now have one built in.

There's shopping to do in the next few days - and I have an appointment tomorrow to have my hair cut - but I think the biggest job is to work out an arrangement for clothing storage. I still don't have a handle on that.

I like this period, the "three more sleeps" time. There's a certain amount of playing house involved, always.

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