Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Stolen Moment in Blogland

Again, today, I did not go to the gym - but it was a conscious decision based on the fact that it was just too gorgeous outside to be spending time inside, trudging along on a treadmill. I did 45 minutes on the Parkway trail instead. At the bottom of the walk, Robin met me and we waited for Clarence's train to go by, then drove downtown to meet him.

The three of us have spent the afternoon chatting and playing on the computer (Clarence is showing me the ropes wrt Gimp), and now we are about to barbecue. The men are having steak, but I've opted for a chicken breast, which I've had marinating all afternoon in soy sauce, orange juice, and garlic. There will be fresh asparagus and a big salad, all safely within the constraints of my Healthy Eating Regimen.

I noted on my walk that the cottonwoods have been "snowing", which probably explains a lot of my tiredness. Vancouver may not have been as culpable as I thought.

I also noted that among the graffiti in the underpass was this image of the artist who puts the hearts everywhere - or maybe it's just somebody's idea of her - but I think it's rather neat if one artist is referencing another here. Maybe, though, she of the hearts and she of the underpass graffiti are one and the same.

As a result of not going to the gym, I don't know how my weight is coming along, but I've decided that that's okay. I had lost a pound as of the last time I worked out, and if I don't check my weight until next week, I'll just get a nice little shock. I've actually been enjoying my programme. I get a little hungry sometimes, but not hungry enough to go raid the refrigerator.

My presence is required in the kitchen now, so off I go. I shall return as soon as I can sneak away.


John Hayes said...

Good for you getting out & about. The cottonwood "snow" is always challenging-- we had ours a few weeks ago.

Have a good one-- sounds like a great dinner.

Sandra Leigh said...

Dinner was great, thank you, and now I've written my Theme Thursday post, although I'm supposed to be watching a DVD called Walking with Prehistoric Beasts. It's a BBC series, and it's pretty good. I'm attempting to multi-task.

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