Saturday, June 27, 2009

Original Poetry Sunday, Vol. 1, No. 7

It's been a rough week* in the Land of Blog, and OPS has not been immune. Having exchanged e-mails with John Hayes over the last couple of days, I think I need to make an announcement:

As I told John, "...poems should be joyful (or miserable, I suppose) expressions of our interior lives, not drudgery, so we should post them only when we damn well feel like it, and not be constrained by the schedule."

There. Please, anybody who would like to post a poem on any Sunday - do that. I would love to read your poems, and I'm sure lots of other people would, as well. But if the muse is on holiday, (or you are!) so be it. We are bloggers, after all. We spend our days wearing little computers on our laps to keep warm, staring unblinking into the screen, waiting for the next star to appear in the bloggy firmament. When you do decide to post a poem, we'll be here to read it. Even if it's on a Thursday.

*Actually, it's getting perilously close to being a rough month in the Land of Blog. Do we need an exorcist? Ghostbusters?


Elizabeth said...

Some of us do ShadowShotSunday with

So, if the muse deserts you
rush outside --if it's sunny
and voila

I love writing poetry but, as you say,hard to do to order.
Willow of WillowManor is a super poet.
Greetings from Buster can't read but I tell him when anyone says he is handsome.

Kathryn Magendie said...

one day
she thought
no wonder writers
blow their brains out
and the thought startled her
facinated her in its sneaking up behind her
slapping her upside the head
she stood and wandered
who had hollered such a thing
who would think such a thought
who would take things so far
the entire word became real just then
the soles of her feet picked up sugar from the floor
her arms goosebumped from a cool breeze
her hair fell into her eyes
her fingers rubbed the wood of the banister
breathing breathing breathing breathing breathing
its all about the breathing

Poetikat said...

I'm liking this philosophy. So, when I post a poem for OPI on Wednesday, you'll all understand. That is a relief. My muse is quite unreliable --given to manic bouts and low, unreachable periods. In fact, I think she's Bipolar! (with a bit of OCD thrown in for good measure).

Thanks for loosening the reins a bit. Have you seen my sidebar button "Blog Guilt Free"? (I had to preface it with "I'm trying to ..."


John Hayes said...

Well said! Yes, let's bring in Ghostbusters.

July is on the horizon.

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

The spirit of a Sunday to be known as it reveals itself - sometimes in words, sometimes in images, sometimes in silence, sometimes just to BE - and so the celebration is complete!

Mairi said...

We are bloggers
after all.
We spend our days
wearing little computers on our laps
to keep warm
staring unblinking into the screen
waiting for the next star to appear
in the bloggy firmament.

Sandra Leigh said...

LOL! I just had a chance to read all these responses. This is wonderful. Elizabeth, I'll take you up on that ShadowShotSunday idea, maybe next week - if we have any shadows. Tell Buster he's a heartbreaker.

Kathryn, Hooray! Thank you! "The entire world became real just then..."

Kat, whenever you feel like posting OPS, just declare Sunday - sort of like "I'm sure it's five o'clock somewhere."

John - deal.

Rose Marie, you're absolutely right.

Mairi, I knew I had a poem somewhere! Great find.

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