Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out - Metal: I'm Back (Sort of)

I've missed Theme Thursday altogether, but if I'm really fast, I can post a little something for the Friday Shoot-Out. This week's theme is metal, and we've got lots of that in Nanaimo. Unfortunately, a lot of the metal we have is the same metal that everybody else has, so I've tried to find a few Nanaimo-specific - or at least unusual - examples. I will start, however, with some metal that every town has or should have:

Our fire hydrant seems to need a paint job.

Made of the same heavy iron as the fire hydrant, I think, is this pole that blocks the entrance to a pedestrian tunnel. It is there so that people won't drive their motorcycles into the tunnel, and I'm glad of that. It would be quite a shock to encounter that amount of metal in such a narrow corridor.

Next, there is a great deal of metal along the path that I've been walking lately. It serves to keep deer from wandering out onto the highway. It also keeps us pedestrians from wandering off the path and into the neighbourhoods, orchards, etc. that line the path.

Some of the property along the path must be particularly valuable, because somebody has seen fit to top the chain link fence with barbed wire.

Knowing that I would be posting about metal, I found myself focusing on things I wouldn't ordinarily even notice, like this:

In fact, I find that I've taken a huge number of pictures this week - many of them being shots of little pieces of metal lying about on the ground. I trust that my reputation as 'that weird woman wandering about the town with a camera affixed to her nose' is firmly established.

We went to Gabriola Island yesterday, and I amused the folks in the ferry lineup by taking pictures like these - One is a huge floating structure against which I believe big yachts sidle when they come into port. The other is the grate I was standing on while I took the first picture.

and I even managed to find some metal as I walked along the beach. I think these nails served to hold ropes in place when the logs were being towed down the channel.

For more Friday Shoot-Outs, please click here, which is what I'm going to do several times over the next few days, while I try to get caught up.


Ronda Laveen said...

Great shots of metal. I liked the rusty nail shots. I just love rusting metal...especially in the garden.

Sarah Lulu said...

I especially liked the floating structure.

Audrey said...

Great pictures Sandra! I really like the hubcap by the dandelions - nice color and texture contrast. Also the nails, and the fence shots. Really great job!

Isn't if funny how, when you are looking for something, you notice it everywhere. That is what I found with this shoot-out. And funny you mentioned Gabriola Island. Yesterday, I discoved an undeveloped roll of film from my "real" camera. I took it in for development, not sure how old it was, or even what was on it. It turned out to be some stunning pictures I took on Gabriola Island!

Next Friday is "Colors of the Rainbow," as chosen by The Pink Birdhouse. That should be a lot of fun!
Happy Sunday!

René Wing said...

I love this photo essay on metal. I'm glad to have found it too as my therapist mentioned to me this week that I needed more mettle. :)

In Chinese medicine, metal is the element of Autumn and endings.

p.s. I'd been looking for you too. glad you're there.

Gordon said...

Sandra, random shots are often more intrigueing than one sought out. I enjoyed that.

Everyone seems pressed for time. My post was late last night.

Sandra Leigh said...

Ronda - Rusting metal is usually more interesting than the fresh stuff. More history, I guess.

Sarah Lulu - I like that structure (whatever it is) too. The one in the picture is a new one. I think the old one got rusty. Heh.

Audrey, I took some pictures on Gabriola the other day, and I'll be posting them later, I hope.

René, sorry to disappear. I produced a feeble excuse (alibi) in the comments to my last post (I think). It seems to be a rough week all 'round.

Gordon- heh. See above.

Chele said...

Loved the variety of metal pics in this post.

John Hayes said...

Really enjoyed this documentary, & also your usual wry tone. Sometimes a couple of days off can be a good thing for one's creativity! Your three most recent posts are all top-notch.

GingerV said...

when I made it this far back I realizzed I had seen these photos, umm, didn't leave a message must have gotten (easily) sidetracked.

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