Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Today is Tuesday, the day when I go to the gym and weigh in, then blog about my BetterU progress. That's the plan, right? Right.

Not today. I ended up working, much to my surprise, so I didn't get to the gym and I didn't blog about it. I came home and fell asleep for a while, then got up and taught myself to make a 'movie', aka slide show and upload it to YouTube. Somehow, I had forgotten how, in the week or two since I did it before.

So not only am I running behind on my own posting schedule, but I haven't had a chance to visit anybody else. I'm bummed. I think I've caught whatever Reya had. The full moon cured her - maybe whatever it was bounced off the moon and hit me.

As I type, YouTube is still processing the movie, but I do believe I can post it now.

My trip to the gym and report thereon will just have to wait until tomorrow morning. I shall try not to answer my phone until I've gotten some exercise.


Audrey said...

Oh Sandra, the video made me VERY homesick! I used to live quite close to the art gallery, so all of the lovely glass buildings were in my neighborhood. And I love the shots that you took from the ferry! Really beautiful.

I say, who needs the gym when you can create magic with pictures ;)

Have a good one!

John Hayes said...

Hey, great slideshow! All the shots of light on the water are great. Two other shots that really stood out for me were the one of the pigeons & the park bench throwing a shadow, but I enjoyed the whole tour.

Schedules get thrown off--stuff happens. Mine did for today, but so it goes!

Tracy said...

Super video, Sandra...hope you get to slow down a little and find your mojo soon. :o)

Kathryn Magendie said...

Love the slideshow/video!~~~ :-)

I've been missing my yoga/pilates -- but am finally getting my energy back after 3 weeks of sluggish blah feeling!

Sandra Leigh said...

Audrey, John, Tracy, Kathryn - Hi, everybody. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. I still say it's a good thing I don't live over there. I'm still recovering from the shininess and noise - but I do love going over there once in a while. It's like going to a carnival.

Kathryn, have your cottonwoods trees been snowing? I think that's what's wrong with me. I think I'll just sleep until, say, August.

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