Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BetterU Tuesday Report

I feel like overcooked spaghetti (not like I want to eat overcooked spaghetti - like I AM overcooked spaghetti).

This morning, I went to the gym and weighed in. I have lost 1.8 lbs. in the last six days. That's .3 lb. per day.

To date:

Late May: X plus 6.0 lbs.
June 1: X
June 15: X minus 3.4 lbs.
June 24: X minus 6.2 lbs.
June 30: X minus 8 lbs.

My weight loss since the program started officially is 8 lbs., and my total weight loss since I jumped the gun and started the program is 14 lbs.

After I weighed in, I drove to the Northfield Road parking lot, parked the car, and walked to Mostar Road and back. The signs tell me that was 6.8 kilometers. Whatever it was, it took an hour and twenty minutes to walk.

I took a break from all this exercise to eat lunch and do some laundry, then went to London Drugs, where I took my BP - 119/63. Heart rate 81. Still okay.

As long as I was there, I bought a new bathroom scale - one with a lithium battery. When I weighed myself on that, I had gained 2.2 lbs., so I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow at the same time that I was at the gym this morning (10 o'clock), wearing the same clothes, to establish a baseline. Then I won't have to pay an entrance fee to the gym every time I want to weigh myself. The good thing about this new scale is that I weighed myself several times, and I got the same reading each time - no more eight-pound variation.

My friend Jane and I were going to get together this afternoon, but we are equally exhausted, so we've both decided to stay at home. I'm about to dive into an episode of Judging Amy.


Poetikat said...

Sandra - the e-mail at yahoo is poetikat46@yahoo.ca

You sure are diligent in your regime!


John Hayes said...

I agree with Kat-- you are diligent. Well done!

Sandra Leigh said...

Thank you, Kat - check your e-mail.

Kat and John, I have to be diligent, because I have a short little span of attention. I must make all the hay I can while the sun is still shining.

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