Saturday, June 06, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I'm finally home and able to post. Some time today, I answered as many as I could remember of the memetic questions. I forgot all about tv shows though. I'll think that through while I write.

Eight things I'm looking forward to:

1. Going to Vancouver tomorrow to visit my son
2. Attending Evensong with said son
3. Driving to Wyoming in July to visit my sister
4. Singing at an old folks' home with said sister
5. Watching the numbers on the scale come down and down
6. Buying a new, smaller, belt
7. Taking lots of summertime walks
8. Having written 50,000 words in November

Eight things I did yesterday:

1. Spent 40 minutes at the gym
2. Swam for 10 minutes
3. Spent time reading Chocolat
4. Worked 8.5 hours
5. Tried to catch up on happenings in the Land of Blog
6. Fiddled with this Sunday's Original Poem
7. Drank several cups of iced coffee, my latest passion
8. Watered the hanging baskets

Eight things I wish I could do:

1. Plot
2. Stave off the ravages of old age
3. Hug my daughter, who lives far away now
4. Make amends to the people I've hurt
5. Stop worrying
6. Make life easier for my children
7. Handle money wisely
8. Dance

Eight TV shows I watch (faithfully):

1. House
2. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
3. Countdown with Keith Olbermann
4. The Rachel Maddow Show
5. Bones
6. Criminal Minds
7. Medium
8.Judging Amy

(That was easy.)

Eight of My Favourite Foods:

1. Pasta, any kind
2. Rice, any kind
3. Bread, especially heavy stuff with lots of grains, and most especially sourdough rye
4. Cheese, any kind except that nasty brown Norwegian stuff that looks like Kraft caramels and tastes as if it died - oh, and except processed supposedly cheese-like substance. And now, having read Kat's comment on my comment on her meme post - I can say Especially Gorgonzola. Kat won't fight me for that, 'cause it's blue(ish).
5. Cheesecake, the kind with real cheese in it, especially if it's topped with sour cream, and really especially the stuff they serve at Pagliacci's in Victoria.
6. Eggs - poached, coddled, boiled (hard or soft), scrambled, Benedict, Florentine - any way but fried, really.
7. Chocolate, the darker the better
8. Spinach. Yeah. Cooked (see #6, for example) or raw (the latter in a salad with sliced red onion and slivered almonds and raspberry vinaigrette. A few sliced, fresh strawberries don't hurt, either)

I ran out of numbers. Where can I put the cashews? I know. I'll dip them in the chocolate. ;>)

Eight Places I'd Like to Travel:

1. Greece
2. India
3. Japan
4. The Southern United States
5. Scotland
6. Wales (beyond Cardiff, where I've been)
7. Czech Republic - specifically Prague
8. Italy (Tuscany, eh?)

I had to think more than I expected about that last one. I've been very lucky in that I've been able to travel to - and in - Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Colombia, England, France, Spain, Portugal (and Wales as far as Cardiff, which is just over the bridge from England). I sometimes think I've done more traveling than anybody has a right to - but there are still places that fascinate me, and that I would love to see.

Okay. That's my meme done. The passing of the torch will have to wait until Monday, as I have to get my act together for my trip across the pond tomorrow. Thanks to Poetikat for kindly tagging me. I learn from these assignments, and I have fun doing them.


John Hayes said...

Nicely done on the Crazy 8s meme. If you're passing thru Idaho on your way to Wyoming, let us know!

Sandra Leigh said...

John, I'll e-mail you on that.

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