Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Rule!

I went for a walk this morning. First I drove to the parking lot at Northfield and the Parkway. Robin met me there and drove me up to Jinglepot Road, about 1/2 a kilometer from the Mostar entrance to the Parkway Walkway. Then he went off to work.

As I started walking, it occurred to me that I should add a goal to my BetterU programme - an 8 kilometer (5 mile) walk by the end of the 12 weeks. I walked down to Northfield (3.4 k on the Walkway), but I wasn't ready to stop, so I ended up walking all the way to East Wellington Road - another 1.7 k - and back to Northfield to pick up my car. By the time I finished, I had walked: .5 k + 3.4 k + 1.7 k + 1.7 k = 7.3 k. (That's more than 4.5 miles.) Wow. It looks as if I'll have met my goal by next week, so I'll have to set another one - maybe a 10 k (6 mile) walk.

Along the way I saw a snake, a caterpillar, a robin, and two ants carrying a blade of grass between them.

That was all several hours ago. So far, I'm tired, and my shoulders are feeling the effects of all that poling - but all in all, I feel a lot better than I would have expected.

I'm beginning to like this fitness programme.


Audrey said...

Good job! I am the same way about exercise - even when it hurts, it is not a bad hurt! I really admire you for getting in there and for setting some new goals for yourself!

Sandra Leigh said...

It's something I tend to forget, in between times - how good it feels to reach a goal - and for that matter, how good it feels to have a goal and be working to achieve it.

John Hayes said...

Good for you-- & it's probably helpful to set some goals to shoot for to give a sense of accomplishment.

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