Monday, June 15, 2009

Another BetterU milestone passed

The little brown fellow in the photo stood patiently alongside the Parkway Walkway while I photographed him yesterday morning. There was a perfectly lovely quail a little farther up the path, but he wasn't as co-operative, so all I got was a shot of a retreating quail tail. There were several black and white butterflies, too, but they were even more skittish than the quail, so I didn't give chase. I just left my camera in its case.

Hmmm. I figured I'd reach the 8 kilometer mark by next week, but yesterday I walked from East Wellington Road to Mostar Road and back - for a total of 10.2 kilometers (just over six miles). My next goal is to walk 10 kilometers and be able to climb into my car afterward without moaning.

As I walked, I did give some more thought to the reward I can look forward to at the end of the BetterU programme. I decided that a new bathing suit would be great - as would a Lomi Lomi massage. Maybe if I've been really, really diligent, I'll treat myself to both.

This morning, I plan to stop in at the gym just long enough to weigh myself, then retreat to the swimming pool, where I will lie on my back in the water with a purple noodle tucked under my neck and a turquoise noodle tucked under my knees, so that I don't have to exert myself to stay afloat. Then I will drift around in the pool for half an hour or so, gazing up at the faux tree that overhangs the pool, thinking my thoughts, after which I will finish off my exercise experience with a dip in the hot tub. This is part of the plan, by the way - a rest and recovery day.

After my swim, Robin and I are planning to drive up island to Mount Washington, just to have a look around. I think it's about a two-hour drive (each way).

If the muses visit me during my extended float, or when I'm standing on the mountain, I'll be back later today with a poem for One Single Impression.

Oh, and one more thing. I actually wrote this post last night - (I am actually writing this post on Sunday night) to be published at 1:00 AM on Monday - today. I find this almost as difficult as driving on the left-hand side of the road. It makes my mind reel. Therefore - my apologies if I've taken leave of my tenses.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your long walks! What a wonderful surprise to have made it further than your goal!
I like your reward ideas, and I say you should get both - why not! You are working very hard to achieve a goal and you should be rewarded handsomely for it ;)

I also schedule my posts - it reduces a lot of stress for me that way!

Tracy said...

Super results with your walking, Sandra...a reaching your goal! :o) Good rewards too...healthy rewards are always a good idea. I schedule posts sometimes too--I have so many idea snd things to share, that to pre-write helps a lot during a busy week. Hope you have a great one now! :o)

John Hayes said...

You're doing great by the sounds. Love the phrase" taken leave of my tenses."

Isn't it annoying when birds/butterflies etc. fly away just before you snap the shutter? I had a great shot of a yellow headed blackbird lined up this spring; he must have flown a split second before I clicked the shutter because all I got a pic of was an empty tree.

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