Monday, June 22, 2009

Nordic Walking

Before I talk about my walking poles, I must say thank you to everyone who followed me over to The Raisin Chronicles yesterday and cheered me on. I was touched by your comments, and very grateful for the encouragement.

Weeks ago, someone - but now I've forgotten who it was - asked me to post pictures of my Nordic walking poles, the deceptively simple pieces of equipment that have transformed my fitness routine. Instead of posting pictures of my own poles, I'll embed this video I found not long ago. I've watched it to figure out how I can improve my form. I still have trouble with the downhill posture, but the rest is coming along nicely. This video not only demonstrates the various techniques, but also features diagrams showing what muscle groups are in use when you're walking with the poles.

If you get a chance to try Nordic walking, I recommend that you do so. It provides a lot of exercise for a minimal investment*, and it's great fun.

*This saving is somewhat offset by the fact that you walk a lot more when it's fun, so your shoes wear out faster. I'm now shopping for new walking shoes. Every silver lining has a cloud. ;>)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this - the video is great. I see people doing this all of the time, and I have been curious. Now you are turning me into a convert. Sandra, where do you get the poles? I would like to give it a go. As well, I see groups of people on the walking path by my house who are clearly receiving instruction, which I think would be fun. But first I need to buy the poles!

Sandra Leigh said...

Well, Audrey, I bought my poles with points earned at a local supermarket - but I know that you can buy poles at the walking/running stores, and I've seen them at Wal-Mart for $20. I know there are poles and poles - adjustable or non-, spring-loaded or not, and the straps on mine aren't as fancy as those in the video, so I know there are different grades. Oh, and they're available online, as well. The length should be about 70% of your height, so if you don't get adjustable poles, that's the length you should look for.

Poetikat said...

Years ago, my father got this bee in his bonnet about purchasing something called a "Nordic Track". I believe it's on the same principle. My mother managed to talk him out of it and I'm grateful for that because they could not afford it in the first place and I'm sure it would have just sat there as a guilty reminder that none of us were using it.
These poles, on the other hand, look pretty effective and are certainly more reasonably priced.


Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Great intro - Thanks for posting - now I too can consider joining the fun! It is very much a dance!

René Wing said...

It's also great for brain function and the energy system... movement that crosses the two hemispheres of the body is core to Energy Medicine as well as work that has been done to help people with learning disabilities and the like. Note how babies love to crawl. Poi balls are another way to do this... so not only will you strengthen your body, but your mind too, and keep your energy system functioning well to boot!

P. S. I want to apologize for sort of dropping out of the Sunday poetry posting. I've been vacillating, and I find the structure doesn't work well for me. They are a good group of folks though...

Sandra Leigh said...

Kat- Yes, much more reasonably priced - and much easier to toss in the back seat of the car, so you can drive to where you want to walk.

Good for you, Rose Marie. I'm looking for other people here that are using the poles, but I haven't found them yet, so I'm on my own.

René, I'll have to look up poi balls, but I remember using cross-hemisphere work when I did some tutoring. I'm sorry you won't be doing OPS, but I trust you will still be posting your poetry at other times. You will, won't you?

John Hayes said...

I love the phrase "every silver lining has a cloud." Boy, that sure sums up a lot for me lately! Glad you've found a way of exercising you enjoy-- that's so important.

Balance Walking said...

Great Post. You popped up in my Alerts, so I thought I would shout before I went out to train in Atlanta - its 90 deg. Looking to do the trails with another model of Chung Shis - All Terrains. I am lucky as I have access to any shoe I want to test @ " Foot Solutions " as we are having a blast introducing the " Balance Walking " method of training.

Where are you located as I may be able to get you in some new equipment with our Advocate and Coach program. Go to which is under construction for more.

Email me at if your time permits.

Keep up the Poling

Tracy said...

Lots of folks here in Norway walk with pole--it offers a great work out, and support while walking on more uneven trails, etc. Thanks for passing on info on this growing addition to walking! Happy Days, Sandra :o)

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