Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Photo Shoot-Out - M

My graffiti finds include this M, which is located in the underpass near McKeown Road. When I was out on my walk the other day, I made note of some Ms - first of all, I saw a Meadow - and then the graffiti.

Later, I went to Subway to buy my low-fat sandwich, and what did I see but these little tempters, a case full of Muffins. M-m-m-m good.

We took our sandwiches down to the Marina,
where I took a photo of two very co-operative Men.

One of the Men had a Moustache just above his Mouth.

Nearby, there was a lily pond with some Mud in the bottom. Can you see the Mud in this photo?

We needed something for dinner, so we popped in to Thrifty Foods. I imagine there was a security person in there, watching me, wondering why I was taking photos of the Meat

and the Milk

and the Margarine.

I did intend to photograph the Melons and Marmalade, but I got a little nervous about the Security Situation, so I left it at this.

I do hope you enjoyed your ride on the M-train. For more Friday Photo Shoot-Outs, click here.


Sarah Lulu said...

Thank you so much for helping me celebrate Matilda with the letter M.

I loved the pond so beautiful and the graffiti!!!

Sarah Lulu

REDLAN said...

One thing I know from this week's challenge is the Marina. You with the other bloggers live in the same place I guess. Thanks for sharing!

Audrey said...

What a Magnificent collection of M pictures! I Most certainly enjoyed My journey through your community!

I love the marina shot - I am a true water child! And the pond with the mud - excellent!

Sandra Leigh said...

Sarah Lulu, it was my pleasure to help you celebrate your new granddaughter. Welcome to the world, Matilda.

Redlan, I don't know any other bloggers here in Nanaimo, but it seems like everywhere you go, there's an ocean, and they're awfully photogenic.

Audrey, thank you for stopping by. I like the lily pond, too - and I hadn't even noticed it until I was walking along, looking for M things.

John Hayes said...

Great exploration of M-- cool pictures & very funny text. It's odd-- Eberle & I have thought of taking pix in the local grocery store & posting them, but I've always been too chicken.

Really enjoyed this.

Sandra Leigh said...

What was weird, John, was that I walked all around town, thinking M, M, M. Hmmm. What starts with M? - took some photos, wrote the post, went to bed, got up, thought Oh. Right. Mountain. Mural. Maffeo Sutton Park. Why didn't I think of all that yesterday? I did think of Moth, but couldn't find one when I wanted it. Milk. Meat. Margarine. I seem to be thinking with my stomach.;>)

René Wing said...

Marvelous. But the Man with the Moustache doesn't look like he's cooperating. Are you sure he said MmHm and not MmMm?

Sandra Leigh said...

It's okay, René - I think it was his idea, in fact. He smiled and pointed at his moustache, then assumed what I took to be a solemn expression for the camera.

Chele said...

What a great selection of M subjects!

Zaroga said...

I did enjoy!

Sandra Leigh said...

Hi, Chele & Zaroga - Welcome aboard The Turtle. Thank you for your comments. I enjoyed wandering about, doing this off-the-cuff choice of M words - but a day later, I was staring at the Mountain in my back yard and generally seeing Ms everywhere I looked. ;>)

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