Thursday, May 07, 2009

Theme Thursday -
The Winds of Change

This is Carol Ann Duffy,
The UK's first female poet laureate
The UK's first Scottish poet laureate
The UK's first lesbian poet laureate

Holy moley - talk about the winds of change. It gives me great pleasure to say that I managed to find a brand-new, beautiful, evocative, touching Theme Thursday poem by Ms. Duffy herself.

"The words of poems are nails which tack the wind to a page, so that the gone hour when your kite pulled you over the field blows in your hair."

Here is the entire poem:

The Words Of Poems

The words of poems are nails which tack the wind to a page,
so that the gone hour when your kite pulled you over the field blows in your hair.

They're hand-mirrors, a poem's words, holding the wept tears on your face, like a purse holds small change, or the breath that said things.

They're fishing-nets, scooping sprats and tiddlers out of a stream or the gleaming trout that startled the air when you threw it back. The words of poems are stars, dot-to-dots of the Great Bear, the Milky Way your telescope caught; or breves filled with the light of the full moon you saw from your bedroom window; or little flames like the tongues of Hallowe'en candles.

The words of poems are spells, dropping like pennies into a wishing-well, remember the far splash? They're sparklers, scrawling their silver loops and hoops on the night, again in your gloved fist on November the Fifth.

They're goldfish in their sad plastic bags at the fair, you stood there. The words of poems are coins in a poor man's hat; the claws of a lost cat.

The words of poems are who you were.

- Carol Ann Duffy

Click here to see an interview with Ms. Duffy about her work and about her decision to accept the position of poet laureate. The interview was conducted by Charlotte Higgins of The Guardian.

Over in the sidebar, you'll see that I've posted another one of Ms. Duffy's poems. By the way, I am still posting a daily poem there, even though National Poetry Month is over.

And in case you think I've forgotten that this post is not supposed to be All Duffy, All the Time, but a post about the wind, I give you The Boss, singing about the wind and a bad moon.

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Ronda Laveen said...

Okay, you win. You brought on the Boss. You rule. And so does he.

John Hayes said...

Those are some good poems by Duffy, whose work I am not familiar with-- love the bit about the onion being a moon in brown paper; & you were right to draw special attention to the beginning of "The Words of Poems"-- that's fantastic-- the nails, the kite, the hour in your hair.

The Clever Pup said...

Thanks for sharing this. I wouldn't have known about her otherwise.

I can't seem to get anyone's Youtube today -probably just me.

The Silver Fox said...

Nice mix of artists!

fellow-ette said...

way to combine a badass poet with the best rocker of all time!

Sandra Leigh said...

Ronda, thank you. Thank you very much (bowing). Oops. Wrong artist.

John, yeah. Every stanza had something that I wanted to hold up and say Look! Look!

Clever, you can't hear Bruce? That's bad. I hope your computer feels better soon.

Silver, it's a product of my confused mind. What can I say?

Sandra Leigh said...

Fellow-ette - thank you for reminding me about Duffy. Yes, badass indeed. Duffy-Springsteen is a natural pairing, isn't it?

Dakota Bear said...

Love the Boss.

Didn't know the writings of Duffy, so thank you for the introduction.

Sandra Leigh said...

Dakota Bear, I'm just learning about Duffy. It's difficult to find her poems online, so I think Amazon is going to be getting some more of my business very soon. I'm glad you enjoyed her poems.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Good post. I enjoyed the variety on "wind".

Brian Miller said...

love it. lots of good stuff fav line is "The words of poems are nails which tack the wind to a page". nice imagery.

Wings said...

Wonderful poem, and great videos. The Boss is always a good choice!

Kitty said...

I love Before You Were Mine. Do all daughters romanticize their mothers that way? I do.

Sandra Leigh said...

Lizzy - thanks. I had originally planned to work with wind pronounced as in "wind the clock" -but then Duffy came along...

Brian, that's my favourite line, too -except maybe "holding the wept tears on your face". So little time, so many beautiful words.

Thank you, Wings. They don't make 'em like that anymore. Sigh.

Kitty, yes, I suspect we all do.

Poetikat said...

I love the line about the goldfish in the sad plastic bags -- oh, and the final line, of course. That really rings true.

Thanks for introducing me to her.


Dot-Com said...

LOVE that song with Bruce - hope he plays it in his concert here in July :-)

Sandra Leigh said...

Kat, your problem is the same as mine. I keep finding new lines that speak to my condition.

Dot-Com - you get to see Bruce? Ahhhh.

Tom said...

Well, she has a way with words...very nice poetry, and not so terribly hard to read.

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow, the Boss does a great job with that song. Cool.

How many winds need to blow before a poet is a poet and who cares about the gender and sexual preference. God we are so weird.

But BRAVO Ms. Duffy and welcome to the future. YES!!

Debbie said...

A poet and the boss? Clearly you have thought of everything!

Baino said...

I read about Duffy but all I can think is I wish she'd dress up a bit and comb her hair . .I'm so shallow! I wonder if she'll write anything as Poet Laureat, apparently they don't actually 'have' to produce any work while they hold the title! Strange.

Kris said...

She looks like Lou Reed in that photo.

Sandra Leigh said...

Tom - yes, I think that's part of her appeal, that she says important things simply and clearly.

Reya - yes. Exactly.

Debbie - What's it called when you buff your fingernails on your shoulder? Is there a name for that gesture? Anyway, that's what I'm doing. ;>)

Baino - I think (or I assume) that the title is a reward for past performance, rather than a job, as such.

Kris - If poets laureate were chosen on the basis of their looks, even Tennyson would never have made the cut.

Megan said...

I did not know of her. My poetry knowledge is unacceptably small, but I'm working on it. Thanks SO much for adding her to my list!

Sandra Leigh said...

You're welcome, Megan - but it was fellowette who did it. She mentioned Duffy on Twitter, and that set me off on a happy quest.

subtorp77 said...

Sandra, very nice post. And to accept that kind of position...bully for her. And congrats on your first blog award :)

reyjr said...

"The words of poems are nails which tack the wind to a page..."


Michael Rawluk said...

She is certainly a big change in what can be a very conservative artistic post. (The Youtube didn't want to cooperate.)

Sandra Leigh said...

Subtorp, thank you very much, on behalf of Ms. Duffy and me,

Reyjr, I think that's still my favourite line,

and Michael, yes, absolutely. The times, they are a' changin'. btw, the YouTube seems to be working okay now, in case you want to try again.

René Wing said...

Hi Sandra, I've been wanting to get back to read this post all week-- so glad I did. I especially loved the YouTube piece, her voice in the background, the scraps of images in words and picture. Beautiful. Thank you~
and of course, then there's Bruce.

I also try to catch most of the sidebar poems and enjoy that too!

And congrats on your (ahem, our) award. :)

tony said...

Duffy was a brave selection as Britain's Boss Poet.And A Wise one....she is Superb!

Sandra Leigh said...

René and Tony - Thank you for your comments. I became an instant Duffy fan when I read her poems, such as I've been able to find.

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