Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last of the Red Hot Lovers

Last night was such fun. I met Robin and our friends Jane and Franco for dinner at Acme Foods - which is really called Acme Rib and Sushi these days, but nobody pays attention to that. Remember J&F? We spent the day with them in Laughlin, Nevada/Bullhead, Arizona a couple of months ago. They have since returned from their holiday as well, and have settled back into real life.

Places in Nanaimo tend to change their names a lot, but the residents just call things by whatever name appeals - the old, the new, one everybody else has forgotten - It all works. In this case, Acme Whatever occupies a spot where there was once a restaurant called Filthy McNasty's. Everybody calls the place Acme.

I'm posting a photo of part of Acme's interior, and also a shot taken from out front, looking across the old highway and up Commercial Street.

Every second Friday is Frugal Friday at Acme, when all the food is half-price. This time, Frugal Friday coincided with a performance of Neil Simon's Last of the Red Hot Lovers at
the Bailey Theatre, so we made a night of it.

After dinner, we went over to Jane and Franco's for an hour or so, and I took a picture of their pink dogwood. I'm using it over in the sidebar. In the last few days, I've taken photos of several of our Spring blossoms, to hold me over until next year. They will take turns gracing the top of the Sandra's Poetic Picks segment.

The play was very funny. It was dated, but the audience was old enough that it brought back fond memories, so the theatre rang with laughter for a couple of hours.

Robin hated it, though, so I ran him home after the first act, then scurried back to catch the rest of the play. Note to self: Don't drag Robin to Neil Simon plays.

Theatre season is quickly drawing to a close, but I'm hoping to find one or two more performances. We are within easy driving distance of several other communities that have theatre groups, so with a little extra effort, we may be able to prolong the fun.

Okay. Tomorrow is Original Poetry Sunday. That means I have to get busy and compose a poem - or unearth one that's sitting in my Open Office file.


John Hayes said...

Sounds like a fun evening, tho I must say I'm sometimes (but not always) in agreement with Robin on Neil Simon. I really like the original "Out of Towners" film with Jack Lemmon & Sandy Dennis, but I think in general I have to be in just the right mood.

Sandra Leigh said...

Men. Can't live with 'em.... ;>)

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