Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blue Heron Park

As if it weren't enough to have a 40-minute Nordic walk this morning while Robin rode his bicycle, I got to spend an hour at this gorgeous park in the afternoon.

Blue Heron Park is about twenty-five minutes from home, to the south of Nanaimo. We were fortunate to arrive while the tide was still fairly low, which allowed for walking on the rocky shelf. Robin took advantage of that by walking as far as he could before the shelf ran out. Meanwhile, I played with my camera. I even managed to take a short film of the water lapping on the rocks, but now I can't figure out how to post it, so I think I'll settle for stills.

When we first arrived, there was one man walking along the shore, but the afternoon was so beautiful, more people soon arrived, and by the time we left (all of us, because a cool wind came up), there were nine of us on the rocks. A crowd!

I couldn't decide which was more fascinating - the shore itself, or the driftwood that lay on the rocks. I wrote a couple of quick haikus:

Curious wasps taste
the ends of logs washed ashore -
A briny delight.


At Blue Heron Park,
children kick balls on the rocks -
intertidal life.

and I sat on a log, meditating, for a few minutes - but mostly, I wandered around with my camera, seeing what I could see.

Every year, the beauty of this island by sunlight seems to sneak up on me and amaze me all over again. What a beautiful day.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Look at what I just found. I have been awarded an award by the fabulously Mad Aunt Bernard. My goodness - I didn't even know Aunt B. read my blog. The world is so full of a number of things..Anyway, I'm going to display my pretty new shiny thing right over there on the sidebar, where I can admire it. It's the "Your Blog is Fabulous" award - the one with the picture of the slim young thing in the sheath dress. Doesn't she look just like me? Thank you, Auntie!


John Hayes said...

Wow, that does look like a beautiful day, & a great spot. Liked the two haiku, especially the one about the kids kicking the ball.

I'm curious about that movie upload issue; will look into it & let you know if I figure it out.

Sandra Leigh said...

Thank you, John. I probably just need some software I don't have - but anything is possible. I'm learning as I go along, here.

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