Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scattershot -

Is that the term I'm looking for? I have several things to say today, and they don't actually fit together, so I'm just going to blather on in my usual fashion, hoping I don't lose you along the way.

First of all, I'll send you away. How's that for a plan? I recently discovered a blog that delights me. It's called First 50 Words. I went over there yesterday and kept playing until I got embarrassed about the post clump I was creating. Do, please, click here and check it out. It's great fun and, as I said to its author, Virginia DeBolt, it's great exercise. But don't forget to come back.

Next, I'll send you away again....hmmm. I see a pattern forming. This time, I would like you to check out something that's good for what ails you. Joshilyn Jackson of Faster Than Kudzu issued an invitation to all of us to join a program that starts on June 1. It's called BetterU and it is part of Go Red for Women. I won't try to describe the program. I'll just suggest that you go on over to Joshilyn's place and she'll tell you all about it. (That will be her May 12 post.) I told someone that I joined Joshilyn's posse because I figure I'll be laughing too hard to get hungry, so I'm bound to lose weight.

When you get back from Joshilyn's, you can check out my photos. I told you yesterday that I had found a companion for Wilson, and I have. Here he is. I found him languishing in a pile of stuffed animals at the supermarket. I thought I recognized him. "Steinbeck?" I said. "Steinbeck? Is that you?"

No, I thought, that can't be Steinbeck. He was much larger. This little guy must be.....Son of Steinbeck! I was wrong, though.

Steinbeck fixed me with his reproachful eyes and said scornfully, "Of course I look smaller. You're bigger than you used to be. It's still me, and I've been waiting for you for years, I thought you would never turn up."

Needless to say, I bought him. I brought him home and introduced him to Wilson, who welcomed him eagerly, delighted to have someone to pick on when I'm not home.

Today, the three of us took Robin out to Biggs Park, which is next to the Duke Point Ferry terminal, and we all went for a walk. The tide was very low, as you can see in this photo. You may also note that our window of opportunity for a walk was limited. The rains were coming. The rains were coming.

So while we could, we walked. The cannis was in
bloom - and that's mostly what we went to see.

The cannis comes out right after the bluebells, so for a while, each Spring, there's a whole lot of blue out here.

I took this shot of a bed of cannis on the edge of a cliff. Beyond the flowers, all that grey-whiteness is another bed - this one a bed of oysters.

We stopped to check out some wildflowers whose name I did not know, and my two little LM&TOs spent some quality time together.

Shortly after that photo was taken, it became uncomfortably wet out on the trail, so we got into the car and took a bit of a joyride before we came home to a nice cup of tea.

Altogether, a lovely day.


Virginia said...

Thanks for recommending First 50 Words here, and for coming over there to write with me. It's a few moments of play with words every day for me, and always great to know that someone who enjoys the activity as much as I do.

René Wing said...

this was a hoot... though I did get a tiny bit worried about you in the grocery store. :) I have a similar (well, quite different) piece in my notebook I'll be transcribing soon. I hope they keep each other, and you, very good company.

Sandra Leigh said...

You're welcome, Virginia, and thank you for the opportunity. I see it as a daily jump start for my writing engine.

René, I should maybe have mentioned that the whole dialogue in the supermarket was interior, but since we never can be sure of these things....I look forward to reading your similar, quite different piece. Heh.

John Hayes said...

50 Words blog is interesting-- & speaking of that: Brylcreem-- I remember that stuff; we used to have a tube of it in the obligatory kitchen junk drawer-- why was it there & not in the medicine cabinet? Who knows.

Really like the Steinbeck story. He & Wilson make a grand pair.

Sandra Leigh said...

John, do you remember "Brylcreem, a little dab'll do ya"? It was probably in the junk drawer because it could be used to grease squeaky cupboard doors.

John Hayes said...

I do remember that one-- but I think there was a second line, which I can't recall. When I tried "singing" it in my head it always morphed into "Ukulele Lady" (the part about "where the tricky wicki-wackies woo"....

Sandra Leigh said...

Hmmm. It was "something-something, you'll look so debonair. Watch out! The gals'll all pursue ya - they'll love to get their fingers in your hair."

Imagine all the deep thoughts I could entertain if my mind weren't crammed with jingles from the sixties (fifties?)

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