Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday in the Land of Blog

I decided to read before writing, this morning. As I went down my must-read list, it soon became apparent that today's theme is Original Poetry. Maybe that will grow into a regular Sunday feature. I would like that.

In any event, I have chosen to publish a poem that's been marinating in my Open Office file for a few months now. I hope you like it.

Times New Roman - Part I

I thought that what I needed
was a new font -
Something elegant and out of time,
A typeface
of undisputed authority.

When my first shy words
stepped tentatively out
upon the silvered stage
their unfamiliar shapes
would surprise and delight
my sleep-encrusted eyes,
which I would quickly shut
against the light.

I would move excited
as over braille,
caressing serifs
from the extremities of esses,
breathing fumes of forgotten inks,
the cigarette smoke
of entranced,
half-blind typographers.

Words now animate and unashamed
would speak to me,
and walk among themselves
puffed up, swaggering
and flush with adulation
of their own
intense and sonorous

I would merely listen,
bear witness and transcribe,
free from any obligation
to resurrect long-dead regret,
or joy remembered, or fear.

They would speak to me
in rhyme, perhaps, or chant
in uncomfortable assonance

Form black discussion groups,
sit cross-legged
on smooth white tile,
expound arcane philosophy,
admire their own profundity.

Catemaco, Veracruz
February 11, 2009

©Sandra Leigh 2009


critter said...

Very good poem about fonts.

René Wing said...

that's marvelous~ and I think I know just what you mean, if only I could find the "right font"... like the right home, or work, or lover... no more effort would be required. :) I love the sunday morning original poetry idea. Maybe it will happen.

Sandra Leigh said...

Thank you, critter and René. I hope the Sunday morning poetry idea catches on - though I've noticed that there's more and more original poetry appearing in the part of the Land of Blog that I visit - on any day at all - and I think that's wonderful. Shedding our old skin, we all are.

John Hayes said...

I like that-- it's a great notion about the visual impact of one's writing on one's own creativity-- also fun to think about the "magic" of fonts to create by themselves. I especially like "caressing serifs/swinging/from the extremities of esses..."

I like the idea of Original Poetry Sunday!

Sandra Leigh said...

Good. It's a done deal. There are three of us already - "Build it, and they will come."

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