Thursday, May 14, 2009

I almost forgot to write anything here today. This morning, I set about writing a piece (actually, a piece of a piece) to send to Angie for her writing contest. I finally finished it and screwed up my courage, sent my work off by e-mail, then printed it and discovered a typo in the first paragraph - a stray comma. I hadn't been able to see it on the screen. Ah, well. Lesson learned: Print, then proof, then send. This being Friday*, I want to write about what I'm grateful for - in the case of the writing contest, I'm grateful for the opportunity - but terrified at the same time. I am such a baby.

After that, I set about reading the Theme Thursday posts, but a glance at the clock warned me that I was running out of day.

So I went to the gym, where I spent half an hour walking on the treadmill - without benefit of a book, I'll have you know. I had already driven to the gym, paid my fee, stowed my gear, and stepped onto the treadmill when I realized I had nothing to read. It was a long half hour. Nonetheless, I did it, and I used some of the other equipment. When I was finished there, I headed off to the pool, only to find it full of children. Also, somebody had used ropes and bumpers to divide the pool into lanes, I think - or maybe just areas. In any event, I walked into the pool and straight out again. The hot tub was seething with adolescents in heat, so it really had no appeal (for me, anyway). In the end, I went into the very hot steam room and stayed there until I was done.

Speaking of lobster with drawn butter - Yesterday, I started paying attention to what I eat and trying to exercise some control. I'm still doing that today. So far, I haven't starved to death - and now, having been to the gym, I am aware that I have muscles. So far, so good.

*Uh-huh. Actually, it isn't Friday at all. I've gone 'round the bend. Do not reset your calendar.


John Hayes said...

Geez I also feel confused as to what day it is (& now I think I understand even better your comment on RFBanjo this morning). Your observation about the book reminds me of why (or the excuse at least) I don't like things like treadmills & stationary bikes as much-- what do you do. I think Eberle reads too when she uses our stationary bike. & thanks for mentioning Gumbo Writer-- I like that blog & need to check it out more often.

Sandra Leigh said...

John, I blame the Post Options feature on Blogger for all my confusion. I must remember to check my cell phone before I decide what day it is. If my cell phone says it's Friday, then it's Friday. Of course, it's Saturday now, but I just found your comment. ;>)

I used to take a Walkman to the gym and listen to UB40 or something similar while I used the treadmill - something with an insistent beat. I prefer to read, but it can be difficult to hang onto the book and walk at the same time.

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