Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today started out warmer than usual, downright muggy at about 630-700 o'clock this morning, but then a breeze came up and the temperature edged downward. It's still overcast and damp, but it's much more comfortable.

Roger gave me copies of some photos he took out at the estuary and on the fishing trip the three Rs took the other day. There was a photo of me that I liked better than the Mazatlan shot, so I replaced my blog photo. Also, I'm wearing my Denizen hat in it. ;>) There are no palm trees, Marty, but there is a beach.

The photos are on a cd. I'm going to try to put some of them here. So - all the photos in this blog entry - and also the photo of me at the top of the blog - are the work of Roger Whitney. He takes better pictures than I do. So far, my system is choking on them, but I'll keep trying.

Today I'll be going to the last Mexican cooking class of the season. It's the Chiles Rellenos class - which was the first one I attended. I've got into a continuous loop. I never did get around to actually making the chiles rellenos, so I'll use this as a refresher, then Chantal and I will make the dish this evening.

When I went shopping up the road today, I had to think about buying things we would use up within five days, because then we have to cross the border. I am starting to feel very sorry for myself.

Oh, good. It looks as if My Pictures and Blogger are starting to communicate a little better. This first picture is one of Roger's heron shots. Either he has a much better zoom function than I have, or he is the Heron Whisperer. Every time I get close enough to consider taking a photo, the heron gets terribly agitated and takes off.

Note the colouring. There are also what appear to be white herons, as well as egrets - who have great hairdos. I don't think Roger has any egret pictures on this disk. Too bad.

These are the ibises I've mentioned seeing. I love those bills.

Then there are the spoonbills. I haven't even managed to see one of these yet. I think I haven't gone far enough into the lagoon. I'm saving them for next year.

And here are Robin and I, intrepid adventurers, off to explore the lagoon in our canoe. At times I've had doubts about that canoe, but it has really come into its own here. The lagoon is the perfect place to paddle around. That moment when you are out in the middle of the lagoon, there are birds dozing in the mangroves all around you, the hills are gleaming in the distance, and you just stop paddling to listen to the silence, is just about perfect.

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