Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I must have overdosed on chamomile tea, because I felt horrid for several days, couldn't even be bothered to go down to the lagoon. I came up for air yesterday, got to the store, made spaghetti sauce, even went to Charly's Rock for a near-beer after dinner.

Earlier in the day, Chantal and I walked over to have a look at a "condo" settlement a few doors down. We both loved it, but all the nicest places were taken. We did take some pictures, mostly of the bouganvilleas.

There was a band playing at Charly's when we arrived. Mostly they played stuff like El Paso and - what's that one that has the line "ah, but my eyes could see only you...something about a magic technique.....when you speak I go weak"? Anyway, that stuff, and once in a while they'd play a little mariachi, which was good. I think they're trying to acculturate the gringos little by little. The guitarist up at my end was a closet blues man, though, managed to sneak in a few very un-mariachi phrases.

Today, we went to the estuary. Robin and I paddled around the lagoon and met Roger at the entrance. Then I sat on the beach and contemplated the universe while the guys got wet. Roger did some snorkeling, but reported that there wasn't really much to see that you couldn't see by wading around. I wish I had worn a bathing suit. The water was perfect for swimming.

I did enjoy my contemplation, though, and I had a pleasant chat with this lady, Ann Woodin, http://deuceofclubs.com/books/083woodin.htm whose husband was busy painting. This is his website. http://www.andrewrushart.com/About_the_Artist.htm I didn't talk to him, because I didn't want to interrupt.

Speaking of things creative, I did mention one day that I was going to take (had taken?) a lesson in silk painting from Chantal, didn't I? Here are photos of my first effort.

I think I'm going to enjoy learning this.

Now I'm going to go meet Chantal so we can walk up the road to a monument factory. Never mind. Here she is!

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