Friday, March 23, 2007

Remember my Mexican cooking class? Chantal and I went together, and then we came back here to practise what we had learned. These are our chiles rellenos. Lotsa trouble, but tasty. I plan to try the recipe again, but with different fillings - chicken, tuna, maybe ground beeflike substance.

It's been a busy couple of days, and time seems to be rushing past. I want to grab it and hold it still. There are so many things still to do here, so many sunrises and sunsets to see, stones and shells to glean, so much Spanish to learn.

It's not even 830 in the morning, and I've been up for three hours. We have such a busy day planned, I think I started moving even before I woke up. I took a long walk on the beach, most of it before the sun rose. On the way back, I kept looking over my shoulder to see what was happening with the sunrise. Not much, as it turned out. There was a heavy bank of clouds clinging to the mountains, and by the time the sun worked its way over those, it had gone past picturesque. Yesterday's sunrise was prettier, and I got several pictures.

Chantal and I went into Guaymas early in the day yesterday, took the bus past the mercado to the town square. Town squares, as it turned out. There are several in a small area.

We found a wonderful statue of a fisherman right down at the harbour. After that we strolled around, visited the big church nearby, walked back to the mercado to buy a molcajete. I tried to take a picture of the woman who runs my favourite stall, but she was very camera shy. Chantal didn't mind posing, though.

After we finished our shopping in Guaymas, we took the bus back to San Carlos, where we did even more shopping. By mid-afternoon, I was truly worn out. The guys had decided they wanted to go to Froggy's for dinner, which was fine by us. Froggy's caters to tourists and specializes in pizza, so I was just a little apprehensive. I had pizza once before in Mexico, many years ago, and as I recall, it was dreadful. Fortunately, the pizza at Froggy's was much, much better. It had a thin, crisp crust, cheese, the usual toppings, and sauce - something that my first Mexican pizza lacked entirely. The pizza was baked in a proper horno, and both Chantal and I went into the kitchen to take pictures. The chef didn't seem to mind at all. It must happen a lot.

What's on for today? Robin and Roger are supposed to be paddling the canoe back from the estuary so we can put it up on the rig, but the wind has picked up, so I don't think that's going to happen.

I have to go in to the Ley for a few supplies, probably on the 900 bus (oops. Maybe not) , then come back to check out the Friday book exchange at the park next door. Then I have to start in on the Great Seashell Packing Chore, cook some beans, teach Roger how to use my camera so he can transfer some of my photos into his computer. See? Busy, busy.

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