Wednesday, March 14, 2007

At last, at last. Time and connection enough to get in here and write. First on my agenda is to correct my errors. I am told by Clarence, who knows these things,that the item I bought and called a metate isn't a metate at all, but a molcajete. The mano for a molcajete is called a tejolote, which is from the Nahuatl for 'stone cylinder'. I think the mano for a metate is just called a mano, but I'm not sure.

A metate looks like this, and is used for grinding corn.

The molcajete, you will recall, looks like this, and is used for grinding chiles and spices.
Today was Mexican cooking class day. We learned to make a casserole with totopos (tortilla chips), chicken, red or green salsa, and cheese. Chantal and I are going to make it tomorrow and have another shared dinner. The last one was great fun.

I bought a tortilla press today, so maybe we'll have a go at making tortillas tomorrow, too.

I can still get into the clothes I brought with me, by the way - but only because of our walks on the beach, cycle rides to the grocery store, paddling the estuary.

We have only twelve more days here. Oh, dear.

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