Thursday, March 29, 2007

I wrote this entry yesterday, but the internet gave out before I could post it. I though that was only supposed to happen in Mexico!

March 28, 2007

Big excitement in Casa Grande! -There e sat last night, I on my computer, Robin reading a book. It was about 7:00 p.m. The wind was blowing, gusting, rocking the rig. Suddenly there was a loud bang!

Something had hit the side of the rig. I opened the door (very carefully) to see what was out there, and I saw the awning, not rolled up as we had left it, but hanging about halfway open. (Hanging. Heh. It was blowing around, flapping, twisting vigorously, slapping the side of the RV.) We went outside, grabbed the two end poles of the awning, and wrestled it back into place. The connection at the forward end was loose, and it took some effort to reattach it. Finally, we figured it was secure, and we scurried back inside.

Our temporary repair held, and this morning Robin fixed the problem on a more lasting basis. It was a lot easier, what with (a) having some light and (b) not being blown around.

On the other hand, it was cold outside. Not cold by Canadian standards, certainly, but a lot colder than we have become accustomed to. Our plan was to head north, working our way to Beatty, Nevada so I could buy honey. As of this morning, the plan changed. We left Casa Grande, checked out a nearby glider port – just in case they were flying – but by the time we got there, the wind was coming up again, so there were no flights. They wanted $100 apiece anyway, so that was just as well. We kept going, caught Hwy. 8 at Gila Bend, and drove to Yuma, where we have settled in happily at the Shangri-La RV Park. We will probably stay here for a couple of days, then head for California. According to the weather reports, they’re having their share of wind as well, but at least we can probably put off driving into the big freeze for a few days.

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