Saturday, March 03, 2007

Such a lazy morning. I looked at the clock on the wall when I woke up, and it was only quarter to six. No hour to be getting up. I turned over and deliberately put myself back to sleep. An hour and a bit later I woke up again, and this time I got up. It was an hour after that when I realized that the clock I'd been looking at had lost an hour - again. It did that last week. No wonder I woke up so early! We can't decide whether we've got a batch of dud batteries, or the spindle in the centre of the clock has worn down. Time will tell. Heh. I baked a loaf of banana bread, caught up at the computer, had a shower, made a big brunch for R and me. Now I'm doing a quick blog entry, taking advantage of the fact that the system does seem to be staying up. I like to wait until late afternoon to blog, but lately that doesn't seem to be working. I think there are gremlins in the system.

Speaking of taking a shower, I was pleased this morning to see that the skylight over the shower was much cleaner than it had been - the man who washed and waxed the RV yesterday did a wonderful job. We are very spiffy. Anyway, I looked up through the skylight and noticed the palm fronds waving overhead. I had a South Pacific moment, nearly started singing. ;>)

As part of my catching up process, I checked Charlie's blog (Running with Coffee). He said he hadn't been running this week, and was going to make a fresh start now. It reminded me that I'm supposed to have been writing a lot on this trip, and lately I just haven't. Once again, Charlie inspires me. I will start afresh today. But first, I'll post this and then go get some exercise.

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