Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's an absolutely gorgeous morning in San Carlos. I think this calls for a long walk or cycle. Ah. R just came in and suggested we go with Roger and Chantel to the estuary and take a walk in there. Perfect. We'll go at 11 a.m..

We went over to Charly's again last night, just for a drink, and I took the camera with me. The total lunar eclipse that was visible back east was over long before the sun set here, but we did get to see the full moon. I took some pictures of that, and of Charly's itself.

The picture above is the approach to the restaurant. The seagulls are hanging around because people throw food to (at?) them from the bar.

I mentioned that Charly's is built around a huge boulder. This picture shows the boulder and the cactus garden on/around it. The construction of the building must have been quite challenging, as the boulder is anything but square.

We have been in Charly's three, maybe four times now, and it's always busy. One night it was almost empty when we arrived, but I had noticed several cars pulling up outside, with the logo of some sort of caravan tour company on them. Sure enough, within fifteen minutes the restaurant was packed. Last night it was somebody's birthday, and several tables were pulled together for the party not long after we arrived.

The bar facing out over the water is very popular, both with the bar's patrons and with the local seagull population. The gull in this picture appears to have mastered the art of standing on air, but most of them swoop and scream and carry on something awful. I don't like seagulls, so I don't feed them.

This is the view - or one of the views - from the bar, as the sun is fading.

It's definitely worth the price of admission. I'm looking toward something called Miramar. We haven't been there yet, but it's in our plans. There is a pearl factory there, along with some lovely villas.

The boulder that fronts the building re-appears inside. Unfortunately, somebody figures that stuffed animals make a suitable accompaniment to the boulder, so the decor is a little gruesome, but the rock is great!

Unfortunately, the bar is built so that you can't really watch the sun set - just get a peek if you lean out over the bar and take your chances

with the seagulls.

As the sun set, the moon rose, providing quite a show. There were stratus clouds in front of the moon, so it played hide-and-seek for quite a while. Every time I put my camera away, the moon would present a new face and I'd have to scramble to get the camera out again. I wasn't the only one. Flashbulbs kept (ha! I started to say "popping". Remember when flashbulbs did that, and then they were no good any more? Wow. I'm old.) Anyway, flashbulbs kept flashing behind me, maybe part of the birthday party. I finally remembered that there's a night mode setting on our camera, so I tried that. I'm not sure I like it. The above picture was taken in normal mode, and the flashbulb went off - so you get the bit of tree/bar support in the foreground illuminated, but the photos I took in night mode looked grainy, at least in the camera itself.

The next picture shows the development of the moonscape.

Heh. I think I made a bit of a nuisance of myself with all this moon-stalking. The two men were busy talking, and I kept standing up to take pictures. Next time, we should probably get a table. Then I could just leave and let them get on with it, instead of leaning in between them to get a better view.

But in the meantime, I had a great evening, and today I'm going to go stalk some egrets!

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