Friday, March 02, 2007

Time to catch up -

I did go to the hairdresser up the road. She did a very good job of cutting my hair, so I feel much lighter now.

My sore throat/headache/lethargy problem has begun to abate.

Yesterday a whole bunch of rvs left the park, so we scooted into a spot near the office. I can now get wi-fi from here inside the rig - sometimes. Last night I started to blog and found I had again lost my connection. Earlier in the day, I would lose it, restart the computer, and get it back again, but when I was trying to blog, the network just thumbed its nose and went away for the night.

We had dinner at the restaurant across the road last night, joined by Roger and Chantel, who also live in the park. I had fish tacos and broke my cardinal rule by eating the lettuce that came with them - and I feel fine. R also ate fish tacos, breaking his cardinal rule, which is When in Mexico, Eat Only Food Prepared in Your Own RV by Your Own Wife. He seems to be just fine this morning, as well. The place we ate is called Charly's Rock. It is built around a huge boulder, and features a bar that faces out over the water. That's where we sat. We had a lovely view of the gulls and pelicans, a bit of the sunset, moonlight on the water. The only fault I have to find with Charly's is that they don't do coffee. They do have a non-alcoholic beer, which is a first for me in Mexico, but I had flan for dessert and would truly have liked a cup of coffee with it.

Today I'm sitting here trying to type while the rig bounces up and down, back and forth. A couple of men are clambering around on it, giving it a good wash and wax. I have beans cooking in the cazuela, so I can't go anywhere for a while. When I can, I think I'll suggest we ride down to the estuary again.

When I was trying to blog last night, I was actually working on the Turtle Afloat blog. R has talked to a lot of people about our narrowboating adventures, and I've given them the link to Turtle Afloat, thinking I had posted some pictures there. When I checked, I saw that I'd only posted one photo, so I was adding some. Now that I'm online again, I'm going to go back and do that (all over again!).

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