Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Theme Thursday - Wild!

Ooh. Such an intriguing assignment.

I was never wild. Goody Two-Shoes, that's me. When I was a child, my favourite activity was reading. When I played with the other kids, we played school, and I was always the teacher. I was hopeless. I wanted to learn about King Arthur, sing like Jeanette MacDonald, and save the world (in my spare time).

When the whole world went wild around me, I tried to join in, really I did. Starting when I was eighteen (I was a late bloomer) I tried to be part of the great anti-establishment unwashed. I became a hippie. I remember somebody saying to me that I had whiter teeth than any hippie he had ever seen.

I went through the motions. I listened to the Stones and the Kinks, the Animals - even Jefferson Airplane and - wildest of the wild - Big Brother and the Holding Company. I must say I identified much more with Gracie Slick than with Janis Joplin. I sounded more like her, too. But I sounded even more like Joan Baez or Judy Collins, and I was much more comfortable with their repertoire. All the songs of the era exhorted me to cut loose, but I was earnest to a fault. I still am. It's a real handicap for somebody who's trying to walk on the wild side.

By the way, I watched the video just now. It had been a long time. Nope. Definitely not me. Not even close.

Then there was "Born to be Wild". I always knew that wasn't true. Catchy tune, though.

There is one Wild song that must have felt just right to me. I loved it. It still makes me smile a secret (or not-so-secret, I guess) smile. It's "Wild Thing".

If I had it all to do again, maybe I wouldn't try so hard to break out of the box and join the Wild Ones. On the other hand, if I had it all to do again, I would be young again, and I'm not so old that I don't remember how that felt, how small the box seemed, how big the world.

And on the other other hand, I'm getting old. If I can't be wild now, when can I? Watch out. Maybe I was born to be wild, after all.

If you want to hear more - and from some really wild people - click here.


Brian Miller said...

i went hrough my wild streak...more to notfitin than to fit its wild in a different way, each day an adventure through the eyes of my boys.

Tom said...

never was real wild myself...but it's fun to go a little crazy now and then.

Anonymous said... really! you were a hippie? Pop thought I was a bit wild for joinin' up in the submarine force. But then again, I guess you have to be-LOL! Great take on the theme and the vids, as well :)

John Hayes said...

I suspect true wildness often comes in later years!

AngelMay said...

Sister! Interesting that we both thought of the music to "Wild Thing" and mentioned "Wild Ones" - even though you didn't actually mean the film "The Wild One". I think "wild" is absolutely and fascinatingly fabulous. Why, then, I wonder.... do I demand such order in my everyday life? Every paper neatly filed, every dish washed and put neatly away - even the bed made. Am I that boring? Say it ain't so, Sister!

Sandra Leigh said...

Good morning, everybody.

Brian, it's a pleasure to read about you and your son and your life together. He's a lucky kid.

Tom, it's fun - but it's also absolutely necessary. So saith Sandra.

Subby - TMI? Sorry. I have hidden depths. Heh. I've never been in a submarine, though. That is pretty wild and scary.

John, I sincerely hope so.

Angel May, I did actually think about the movie, but I can't stand Marlon Brando. That's why I didn't post a clip. I know Brando was supposed to be wonderful, but I always thought he would be more wonderful if he took the clothespin off his nose. And no, you are not boring - just enviably organized.

Skip Simpson said...

Sweet Lady... you're NEVER too old for anything! It's only when you start THINKING you're old, do you start FEELING you're old! Now... where's my Geritol..?

e said...

Here's to many more years of wild adventures, yes?

Megan said...

I'm sure there's plenty wildness in there! Swing it, sister!

Sandra Leigh said...

Skip, I hope you're right. I am doing my best to think young thoughts.

e and Megan, thank you. Here's to wildness!

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