Thursday, September 03, 2009

Interesting times -

Tonight, I'm fighting a severe case of sleepiness. That's unfortunate, because even before the sun went down, when I should have been out walking - and photographing doors and windows for tomorrow's Friday Photo Shootout - I was here. Right here. In my chair. Reading posts. Reading comments. Yawning. The yawning had nothing to do with what I was reading. I'm just kinda toast.

So it will be another of those Friday Photo Shootouts, the last-minute dash across town, the furious clicking of the camera, the impatient uploading of photos to The Turtle. I think I must thrive on stress. I certainly "organize" my life in such a way as to produce it.

Years ago, a university professor of my acquaintance said "Students who say they work best under stress have never tried it any other way." I have tried, from time to time, to take her words to heart, but my efforts at organization are short-lived. I am just about ready to declare this state of dishevelment in which I live to be the essence of me.

Of course, given all of the above, I have arranged to visit friends on the Olympic Peninsula this weekend. On Saturday, I will catch a bus here in Nanaimo, which will leave me in Victoria in time to catch the Coho (ferry) to Port Angeles, whence my friends will pick me up. We will go to their home in Port Townsend, and I will stay there until Wednesday, when they will drop me off at the ferry and I will sail back to Victoria. Robin says he will drive down to Victoria on Wednesday to meet me, so at least I won't have two bus trips to make.

All that may sound well organized, but think about it. I'm going to travel by public transport on Labour Day Weekend. Omigod. I have seen the line-ups at the bus station on long weekends, and this is the weekend before school starts. Prime Time for bus trips. In order to pull this off, I think I'll have to catch the earliest bus to Victoria - before the students have gotten up and trudged down to the depot. So what if I have a few hours to hang around in Victoria? I'll bet there's a consignment shop somewhere downtown, and I know for a fact that there's a lovely rose garden.

Never mind. I have a whole day before I must brave the dreaded bus, and in the meantime there's Friday Photo Shootout to be enjoyed - and I do enjoy it, even though I always rush through it.


Sara Williams said...

I think that sometimes the rushed shoot outs are the best so I look forward to seeing yours x

Tracy said...

Wishing you safe and a happy travels and adventures, Sandra! :o)

John Hayes said...

Sounds like the bus is a more popular form of transport in Canada than here in the States. I also have the "work better under stress" thing, tho I have found it's improved some with age.

NanU said...

Sometimes a shootout is indeed best when you don't have time for it. That way you take what comes on the fly, and it can be quite unexpected. Not the best way to write a term paper, I agree, but a Shootout is not that kinda thing!
Looking forward to it!

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