Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Photo Shootout - Doors and Windows

As I suspected, today turned out to be a rush. I remembered - just before 5 p.m. - that I needed to get out-of-province medical insurance before I leave for Washington, and I didn't dare leave that task to tomorrow, lest I forget and find myself uninsured for five days. (I think Murphy was an optimist, so I don't set foot across the border without insurance).

Insurance in hand, I went to the bus station and bought my ticket, so that I don't have to stand in line tomorrow. I'm leaning toward catching the 10:30 a.m. bus after all. I'll just go to the station very early and get into line, book* and knitting at hand.

As for the shootout, I made an executive decision. I photographed only doorways and windows that I have walked (or looked) through. Nanaimo is not known for its spectacular architecture - we depend on nature for local splendour - so I am presenting, instead, places that have fond associations for me.

First of all, there's the ferry. As an islander, I generally rely on the ferry for transportation to the mainland. This is a photo of the recently renovated terminal at Departure Bay. The Departure Bay ferry sails to Horseshoe Bay, just north of Vancouver.

Next, I visited the offices of Shaw Cable, who provide me with both cable television service and, more importantly, internet service. Their facade is very high-tech and glossy.

When I left Shaw Cable, I drove right by one of my favourite doorways. This is the Bailey Theatre, our community theatre.

I hadn't intended to photograph the Bailey, but this caught my eye as I was going by. Cool. The new theatre season is about to start.

The last doorway I will show you is one that I'm afraid I use more often than any other.
There you go. The doors and windows of Nanaimo. This assignment was suggested by Kerri. For more Friday Photo Shootout posts, go here - or click on the camera in my sidebar.

*The book I'll be carrying is How to Read a Poem...and Start a Poetry Circle, by Molly Peacock. I'm loving it. As a matter of fact, I'm going to blog about it - but not tonight.


Sara Williams said...

Brilliant photos! I am with you on the Starbucks although in my neck of the woods Costa or Neros are more popular!

Pauline said...

Nice shoot-out, like your doors and windows. Now, why does the Cast and Crew door appeal to me? I would have thought it would more than likely be the Starbucks as I am a coffee drinker.

John Hayes said...

Very fun photos! I'll look forward to learning about that book when you have a chance to write it up. Have a nice trip!

Barry said...

Because of the time zone difference I missed reading yesterday.

I enjoyed your tour of Nanaimo and some of the doorways you pass through in life.

Gordon said...

It is good when we consider doors entryways to our ongoing lives instead of calling them barriers.
You are a very positive lady.

Sandra Leigh said...

Good morning, Sara. We don't have either Costa or Neros here. I've had Costa coffee in England, though.

Pauline, I could have photographed the main entrance to the Bailey - but there's a romance about the cast and crew door, isn't there?

John, the book will be my constant companion on this trip.

Barry, I think it was 9 p.m. (PDT!) before I got my post up, so you're right on time.

Gordon, thank you. I hadn't thought of it that way. Now that you mention it, I don't give a lot of consideration to locked doors, so I suppose I'm more positive than I sometimes realize. I must be a Half-full Person. ;>)

T. Clear said...

You are so right about the insurance issue. Lucky Canadian!

GingerV said...

what a good way to structure your windows and doors, gives us a good idea of your day and of your town. congrats.

Mairi said...

I read Molly Peacock's book a few years ago and then used it with a group of children I was 'teaching' to enjoy poetry. It was a really wonderful book - someone who loves poetry talking lucidly about it. And she had a chapter on Jane Kenyon's 'Let Evening Come' which I particularly like and had read at my mother's funeral. I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of what she has to say.

Sandra Leigh said...

T. - A friend of mine here in the U.S. says that between them, she and her partner pay more than $24,000 a year for health insurance. That is obscene.

Thank you, GingerV. After I posted, I thought of some other - more picturesque - windows and doors, but they'll keep for another time.

Mairi, I loved Let Evening Come. I'm so glad I happened on this book. Now I have to read all Molly Peacock's books.

Zaroga said...

Enjoyed your shootout. I bypass Starbucks. Their coffee is too expensive :-)

Carrie said...

I hope you enjoyed your stay in Washington! Port Townsend is such a neat town.
Being a fellow Northwesterner, I appreciated your shot of Starbucks as a place you frequent. I do my fair share of keeping them in business!

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